0ral S-x: The Good, The Bad & The Nasty


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Making love and intimacy are still a taboo subject for some and even if not taboo, the conversations can be a little uncomfortable. Oral s*x is still somewhat taboo as well, even though a recent study showed that 90% of adults have performed or received oral s*x with a partner. Almost half of the teens in a recent study also reported that they had also engaged in oral “intimacy”. While oral s*x can greatly enhance and boost your lovemaking, there are a few facts that you may not know about.

Oral s*x has been linked to throat cancer. If someone had HPV (Human Papillomavirus), this can be spread to the mouth and throat during the act, which can lead to cancer cells. A study in 2007, that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that people who had oral s*x with more than six partners were at a greater risk for oropharyngeal cancer.

Oral s-x can cause be both great for the relationship or stressful in it. S*x therapist Louanne Cole Weston, PhD, of Fair Oaks, Calif. says,

 “Some experience oral s*x as a “relationship strengthener” and “a very intimate connection” shared with a partner. It’s being able to look at the partner and see them going into really very personal space.”

Onthe other hand, one partner may not want to engage in it because they are worried about their performance and that it may be a deal-breaker for the relationship. Others may be more worried about receiving oral s-x because they are self-conscious. This can place a strain on the relationship and could negatively affect the couple’s s-x life.

Unprotected oral s-x is not safe s-x. You can still catch STDs such as HPV, herpes, and syphilis through oral s-x. It is always a good idea to have your partner tested and get yourself tested before anything takes place to make sure that you are going to be safe while being intimate.




    • Healthy Black Woman Staff on

      We are not afraid to use the word-we want our content to appear in Google searches and if we use certain words, Google can ban us from their searches.

      • That’s not really how it works. I am at the top of over 100 different search terms – for deep throat. It’s doesn’t ban you for it.

      • Gary Simmons on

        I was curious about the censorship of words while talking candidly about the subjects. Thank you for explaining that!

  1. My husband and I call Oral Sexx foreplay. We love everything about it, i never knew i could have such wonderful feeling orgasims as i do and thats what turns my husband on. I think if he couldn’t taste it we wouldn’t be together. I enjoy doing it to him to see how low I can go and how nasty I can make it therefore we have a really good time! It only works if both are in it 100% we are comfortable taking to that level because we both know we are exclusive and healthy, it opens up a whole new area in your relationship if you let it, I recommend it to all s*xually intimate couples.

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  3. I don’t believe God made our lips-mouths for having oral sex. It is abomination as far as I am concerned and plain dirty, nasty and filthy.

    • I agree with you on this issue. It amazes me how people can call themselves vegetarians and engage in oral sex. Some of these people will not even drink from their mate’s cup for fear of getting back wash but can put their mouth on someone’s nasty private part. The mouth and genital areas are separated for a reason. NBC Nightly News did a story about the rise in throat cancer due to oral sex. Google it. If God had meant for it to be sucked , He would have given you two. Period. Thank you for responding the way you did. It shows me not everyone is going for this filthy practice.

    • Where in the Bible does it say that oral sex is an abomination? In Matthew 4, didn’t Jesus say, “It is written”, using the Scriptures 3 times to defend His stance on Satan’s attacks?

  4. Lmao at the stuffed artichokes who think oral sex is just filthy nasty and disgusting. So why r u commenting or reading about it lol

  5. I don’t think it’s disgusting as long as you are doing it with someone you have a monogamous relationship with. Me and my man partook in oral sex last night and it was wonderful. We don’t do it all the time, but when we doing it’s great and brings us closer together, imo!

  6. If you think that oral sex, is dirty and you won’t engage in it with your partner, then you won’t be in a monogamous relationship for long. Because, once your partner experiences it from someone else, they’d never settle for anything less. Women, if you marry a man that likes this, and you are not giving it to him, do you think that he is being deprived of this? If you do, then you are stupid, because he’s not. He may still love you, but he’s getting his head shined by someone else, believe me. If you won’t do it, there are another 50 that will. I do understand why they didn’t do it as much years ago, especially down south, because of poor hygiene. But today, hygiene has improved dramatically, especially for females. Today, it is very rare to find anybody, that doesn’t do it. Oral sex, has been here since the beginning of time, and will be here to the end.

  7. Having Oral s*** is Beautiful. my hubby and i have been married 15 years. and we Love it! God created intimacy between a Husband and a wife NOT! a man and a woman going together, or shacking, or all of this Laid back Casual se*** for those of you that beleive that it’s filthy, dirty, Nasty Think again Hunnies! Get yourself a Hubby or a wifey & you’ll change that Tune QUICKLY. 😉

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  9. Those who practice oral s*x is one step away from being a homosexual/lesbian…if you practice it in a heterosexual relationship, temptation will come to you in the homosexual/lesbian…

    @moonhead pedophilia, homosexuality, lesbian, & group sex has been here since the beginning of time….so I guess it is ok too moonhead….

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