10 Amusing Misconceptions About the Female Body



By: Krystle Crossman

Before we had fancy medical equipment and research labs all over the world we had very little knowledge about the female body. There are some ancient misconceptions that are quite interesting and very off-base.

1. Aristotle believed that women were just deformed men. He thought that they didn’t generate enough body heat and so their gen!talia stayed on the inside instead of forming on the outside.

2. Certain ancient cultures believed that a woman’s period was evil. Others believed that it was a gift of life. Ancient Chinese healers thought that when a woman did not have her monthly cycle something was very wrong.

3. An ancient physician named Galen believed that women who were [email protected] could not become pregnant. It was stated in Medieval texts that if a woman did not consent, she could not conceive.

4. Former Harvard professor Edward Clarke wrote a book about how women should not be educated. He believed that they were here to procreate and education got in the way of that.

5. In ancient Greece they thought that a woman with an abnormally large cl!toris was able to use it for [email protected] during interc*urse.

6. A story derived from Biblical times stated that if an older man slept (no s*xual contact) in the same bed as a young v!rgin woman he would find youth.

7. George Cuvier, a French naturalist, stated that Chinese women had horizontal [email protected] During the Korean War and WWII American soldiers would spread tales of this myth as well.

8. Saudi Sheikh Saleh Al-Lodeidan came out with a theory in 2013 that stated women could ruin their pelvises and ovaries if they drove a vehicle. Twitter criticism ran rampant as well as disbelief from his own countrymen.

9. Hippocrates allegedly came up with the theory that a mother could control the growth of her unborn fetus with her imagination.

10. Henri De Mondeville, a Royal physician to a French king, stated that there were three reasons why women had [email protected] First it was so men could look at them. Secondly it was so they would have something to keep their heart warm. Finally he stated that they helped to strengthen the abdominal muscles.


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