10 Health Items Every Woman Needs In Her Home


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There are some things , in life, that you don’t know are necessary right up until the moment when you really need them. As a child you may have looked in your mother, aunt or grandmother’s house and wondered why she had certain things, but she had them because she knew enough to know that there would come a time when she would have to pull them out and use them.

Cuts and scrapes happen all the time, especially if you have children. But when they are hurt, do you have the right items in your house to help take care of them? Here are ten must-have health items:

1. Aspirin – Not only does it help with headaches, but can save you in a heart attack as well. Aspirin is a blood thinner, so when you are having a heart attack, after calling for help, chew four 81mg tablets or one 325mg one.

2. Baking soda – If you are in a pinch and have run out of toothpaste simply wet your toothbrush and pack some baking soda onto it. It is a mild abrasive so it will clean your teeth and also will help whiten them.

3. Cigarette rolling papers – These papers are great for when you or your man cut yourself shaving. They are absorbent and are neater than gauze or tissues.

4. Distilled white vinegar – Vinegar can help to take the itch out of bug bites. It is also great as a cleaner around the house!

5. Measuring tape – Measuring your waist circumference every few months can help you stay on track with weight goals. You are at a higher risk for heart attack when the numbers are 40 or over (for men) or 35 and over (for women).

6. Meat thermometer – Always check the internal temperature of the meat that you are cooking to prevent illnesses such as salmonella and e.coli.

7. Neti pot – Use distilled water or saline solution that has been boiled and cooled to rinse your nasal passages when you are congested.

8. Vaseline – Rub this onto a cut or scrape. It acts like Neosporin and creates a barrier between your wound and infection.

9. Shea butter – If you have a rash spread some shea butter on it to help get rid of the rash and prevent scarring.

10. Witch Hazel – This can be used to help with hemorrhoids and also to help take the itch out of bug bites.



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