10 Things That You Should Know About Your Hubby to Bring You Closer


By: Krystle Crossman

Whether you have been married for 30 years or have just come back from the honeymoon you may think you know everything about your husband but here are 10 things that you may not know that can bring the two of you closer than ever.

1. You need to recognize when he needs space. The second that he walks through the door after a long day of work is not the best time to be spouting off the latest gossip or the problems that you had with the kids that day. Let him collect his thoughts and settle down before you begin barraging him with conversation.

2. When he is really listening to you there are cues that show whether he is listening or zoning out. If he is responding with one word answers and not engaging, he is probably not listening. If he repeats info and offers suggestions, he is.

3. When in a fight, assess both of your moods and enter the fight calmly instead of screaming and yelling. This can make the argument more productive.

4. When entering into a fight, assess whether it is really worth it or if it is something silly that will blow up out of proportion.

5. Recognize and stay away from topics that will set him off such as his late nights at work or his mother’s poor cooking.

6. Learn when to be supportive. If you aren’t sure if he needs support, ask him. Men feel appreciated differently than women do. If they feel like they are needed, that makes them feel appreciated.

7. If you notice the flame on your love life has flickered, plan a special date that will get both of you in the mood.

8. Respect his role as a father and a husband and notice his views and how he feels about it as well.

9. Regularly talk with him about his dream job or dream car and try to figure out ways that you can make that happen for him.

10. Know that you will never know every little thing about your husband and that is perfectly fine as long as there is still communication between the two of you.



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