1960s: Black Women Celebrated Black Beauty and Black Power With Pageants


By Victor Trammell

The natural and unrivaled beauty attributes of black women in every age category all across the world is an impeccable force to be reckoned with.

Beauty pageants, such as the U.S.-based Miss Black America competition and the global Miss Universe competition have showcased black women in a classy way all across the world as individual physical specimens that are worthy of setting a running historical standard of what it is to be a woman who is naturally gorgeous both inside and outside.

In the 1960s, the U.S. was deeply bleeding with the issues of race and gender inequalities during its historically significant struggle, which was well-documented by the world-renowned Civil Rights Movement. Atlanta, Georgia, a major U.S. city was at the epicenter of that crisis during this highly tenuous era of American history.

This past Sunday, the glorious Atlanta Black Star newspaper thoroughly chronicled how black women used beauty pageants in the 1960s to celebrate a platform of social justice and power for black people across the country. The article was titled, Watch: The Time When Black Women Used Beauty Pageants to Make a Political Statement.

The article embedded a brief video, which was published July 28, 2016,  by BBC on YouTube.  Renee Mussai, the curator of the Miss Black and Beautiful beauty pageant in London, England spoke enthusiastically in the BBC video about how black American women experienced making history during this culturally significant time.

“Black women were able to demonstrate a form and explore their own beauty,” Mussai said.

“This, of course, was a time when racial prejudice and discrimination was making it very difficult for black women fulfill their place and roles in society,” she continued.

The BBC video showed various images of black American women of all skin complexions who participated in the politically-charged 1960s beauty pageants. The success of these competitions definitely helped spur the pride needed to establish the Black Power Movement of the 1970s.

To learn more about these politically-charged beauty pageants, which showcased beautiful brave black American women in the 1960s, please click here.

Source: http://atlantablackstar.com/2016/07/31/watch-the-time-when-black-women-used-beauty-pageants-to-make-a-political-statement/









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