29-Year-Old Runs One of the World’s Best Black-Owned Airlines


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Sherrexcia “Rexy” Rolle/Western Air Limited

The contemporary corporate world inside the airline industry is not very diverse and it doe does not feature very many women in positions of leadership.

However, a black-owned airline based in the Bahamas is breaking the mold by setting itself apart in the airline industry by doing three things: Being black-owned in a white male-dominated landscape, existing as a top-tier business in a volatile industry and featuring women in positions of leadership.

At just 29 years of age, Sherrexcia “Rexy” Rolle (pictured) is the Vice President of Operations at Western Air Limited, one of the finest and most successful black-owned airlines in the world. Western Air Limited is located at the San Andro Airport in Andros Island, Bahamas.

Rexy is a product of a family, which is personifying the honorable legacy of generational wealth building. Her father, Rex Rolle, is the President and CEO of Western Air Limited. According to a report by Essence Magazine, Western Air Limited has an overall value of $90 million dollars. Rexy is also a licensed attorney.

In an exclusive interview with Essence Magazine, Rexy talked about her upbringing in the Bahamas and how her family came up with the idea of starting an airline when they were living in the United States. She also gave input, which served as a token of encouragement for all young black women who are pursuing their dreams.

“My parents founded Western Air in 2001. I was very much involved at a very young age. My dad is a pilot by trade and my mom majored in international business. The idea was sparked back when we were living in Fort Lauderdale and when we made a trip back to the Bahamas, where we are originally from,” Rexy told Essence.

“[Young black women and girls] have to take advantage of any and all opportunities that may be presented to you. When I was younger I didn’t fully understand everything that my parents were sacrificing to do in terms of what their bigger vision was,” she added.

You can read Rexy’s entire interview with Essence Magazine by visiting the research source link for this article given below.

Source: https://www.essence.com/lifestyle/travel/meet-29-year-old-woman-running-black-owned-airline-bahamas





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