3 Little Words Your Man Never Wants To Hear


stressed man1By Staff Blogger

There are certain words that men love to hear and then there are those that they never want to hear at all. You may not even realize that you are saying these words that are an automatic turn-off for guys. Not only are these three words a turn-off for your guy, but they make you appear as if you have low self-esteem or see yourself in a negative light. Those three little words: “I look fat” or “am I fat?”.

Saying those words is a giant red light for men. The instant you spew them from your mouth, warning bells are going off in your man’s mind. They are trying to figure out how to change the subject as quickly as possible. No matter what response they give you, it is not going to be the right one. They feel trapped, confused, and anxious. You don’t want to do that to your guy do you?

Once those words are spoken, men feel helpless. Even if they tell you that you look good, it’s not going to be enough. They will have paused for too long before they reply, or they will spout it out too quickly. Either way they are going to get jumped on. If they don’t answer quickly enough, they get yelled at for having to think about it. If they answer too quickly, women will think you are just saying it to shut them up and aren’t being sincere.

Not only are they going to feel helpless, but the good time they thought they were going to have that night has just been ruined. You say those words and it looks like you are already in a bad mood and are going to be a mood killer for the rest of the night.



  1. i think when a woman sais that to her man, she makes him question himself. if she is fat then who am i. especially is she has real issues that are being overlooked or don’t matter to him because of feelings. she is just reminding him that he settled. even with her flaws, she should love herself, so it is easier for him to justify why he should love her.

  2. Are we truly running put of topics to write about? This has the feeling of a 1980s Woman’s World magazine.

    Obviously written by a female staff blogger, but more so than that, there are better (worse) words men never want to hear. Mostly because women tend not to ask the question of fat anymore, they just almost always assume they are.

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