3 Major Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Divorce


angry-coupleWe live in a world where, when you get married, the likelihood of the marriage ending is almost the same as the likelihood of it working. Unfortunately, marriages end way more easily and more quickly than they should. Of course there are circumstances when the marriage is not the safe place it is supposed to be and, in the interest of self preservation, one or both spouses feel that it is best to end the marriage. At the end of the day, considering that marriage is supposed to be forever, the fact that so many marriages end in divorce suggests that people are not asking themselves some important questions before they end their marriages.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Are we Communicating well?
Many times what couples think are major problems, are actually small problems buried in a series of miscommunications or no communication at all. Unless you have developed the skill of effective communication and are able to resolve conflicts and problems through effective communication, you have not earned your way out of the marriage. Rather than head to divorce court, explore ways to build your communication skills.

2. Are our finances in order?
My husband and I love to joke that we need to make sure that we get our finances in order because “broke people fight”. Now, I’m not sure where the saying “broke people fight” comes from but like most jokes, it has an element of truth in it. When finances are in order, there is a level of security that can quickly disappear if they are mismanaged. If you get to a point where your finances are a mess, rather than head to divorce court, put your heads together and explore strategies to restore the financial well-being of your family.

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