3 Reasons For Single Women To Stop Having $ex


me timeBy Staff Blogger

Considering that it is not 1950, to say that a single woman should not have $ex and should wait for marriage is unrealistic. Also, a lot of women are waiting until later in life to get married and some are choosing to never get married at all. Even so, it is a good idea for a single woman to take a period of time to abstain from having sex.  The following are the reasons why:

1. Me time – It is possible to get caught up in the dating game and hop from one relationship to another until you start to lose yourself. When women enter relationships, they tend to try and adapt to what their man wants and in doing so can end up losing themselves.

Take a break from relationships and from having sex. One of the major differences between men and women is that women tend to get emotionally involved with the men they have $ex with so it’s a great idea to take a break from men altogether.

2. Unexpected pregnancies – Even when taking birth control or using other methods of protection, it is still possible to fall pregnant. No method of birth control can claim to be 100% safe so there is always a chance of falling pregnant even if you’re being careful. Taking a break from having $ex means that yo don’t have to think or worry about getting pregnant.

3. Diseases – As with pregnancy, even when taking precautions, there is no guarantee that anyone can be 100% safe as long as they are having $exual intercourse. Taking a break from $ex, as long as you’re not already infected, guarantees that you remain disease free, as far as $exually transmitted diseases go.

Maybe your break is six months or even six years, but either way, make sure that you take the time to truly reflect on who you are and what you want. When you do decide to get back into the dating game, remember to be safe and responsible.



  1. I agree that because all we are, when we are just having sex for the hell of it, is a recepticle for sperm. when in all reality we can get more intense orgasms by ourselves.

  2. I smell gay propganda!! And it is putrid! If I don’t have sex with my man, do you think I’ll start craving your lickity split a$$. GTFOH!!
    Giving these same reasons then married women should stop having sex too!! Yes, this sounded that stupid!

  3. This article sounds like it was written in the 1950s. Women can’t have s-x without getting attached? Women tend to adapt to what their man wants? Woman can “fall” pregnant? What the f-ck is this nonsense? Funny, this post was written by “staff blogger”…yeah, I wouldn’t put my name on this garbage either.

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