440 Pound Man Who Was Virgin Tries To Do “the nasty” With Girlfriend; She Ends Up in Emergency Room


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Having s*x for the first time should certainly be a memorable experience but unfortunately it was an extreme case for 21 year old Gregg Casarona. He was 440 pounds at the time of his first romp in the sack and his partner, Jen Gerakaris, was only 110 pounds.

The force of Casarona’s weight on his girlfriend sent her flying back into a sheet-rock wall. Casarona had thought that he killed her as she went head first when she went into the wall but she did not even black out. She was taken to the ER and was told that she had a concussion. It certainly made for a memorable experience, but not an enjoyable one!

Casarona and Gerakaris had this incident happen almost eight years ago and it is now being brought to attention by TLC. They have a show called “S*x Sent Me to the ER” and the couple’s story is being told on the show which debuts on December 28th.

Dr. Jordan Moskoff from Chicago did an interview with ABC News and told them that he sees s*x related injuries in the ER at least twice a week with pen!le rings being one of the biggest problems. He suggests if you plan on using one, make sure it is made of rubber or has a hinge so that it can easily come off if needed.

Another oddity that he sees often in the ER is random objects stuffed into his patients’ rectums. He says that usually people will lie and say that the fell on something, but the hospital staff knows that usually this is not the case. Even p0–rn stars have made mistakes such as Aurora Snow who ended up crashing down upon an er*ct pen!s causing it to bend which is as painful as it sounds.



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