5 Surprising Ways Mothers Use Olive Oil


baby n momBy: Krystle Crossman

Usually you would use olive oil for cooking. But what you may not know is that it also has some great uses for your baby and yourself. Here are five things that you can do with organic olive oil that may surprise you. (If you find an allergic reaction, stop use)

1. As your belly grows when you are pregnant your skin stretches past its limit and stretch marks appear. If you take some organic olive oil and rub it onto the skin where you see stretch marks appearing, it can minimize the scars later on. Make sure to rub it on your belly, thighs, and [email protected]

2. When you [email protected] your baby, your n!pples can become very sore and chapped. Take some olive oil and rub it on them. It will help moisten the skin so that chapping does not occur and since it is natural will not harm the baby when you feed them.

3. If your baby has cradle cap put some olive oil on their scalp. Cradle cap is when the scalp has flaking and crusting. This is common and is normal in healthy babies. Once you have put the olive oil on their scalp, take a soft brush or a warm terrycloth towel and brush or wipe away the flakes.

4. When a baby is in the uterus they may ingest meconium which is a tar-like substance that is made in their digestive system. They excrete the meconium after they are born and it can be tough to clean up. Put some olive oil on a wipe or towel and clean-up will be a little easier.

5. If you want to help improve your baby’s digestion or sleep patterns try giving them a massage with the olive oil. It not only soothes them but will make their skin soft too.


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