5 Things You Think Your Man Cares About But He Actually Doesn’t


woman talking to manBy Staff Blogger

Many of the things that women stress themselves about are actually the furthest things from their husband or boyfriend’s mind. The funny part is that many women are under pressure because they are trying to please their man but most men report not really being concerned about the things that women think they are worried or stressed about. Below are five things that women think men care about but they actually don’t:

1.  That cute little lingerie that you feel $exy in

Most men report the sexiest lingerie or underwear is the one that is off! So really, they care more about access to what is under the $exy lingerie than the actual lingerie.

2. If your toe nail polish matches your finger nail polish

Most men don’t even know that your nail polish is supposed to match and even if they know, they are certainly not losing sleep over it. As long as a woman’s fingers and feet look like she takes care of them-as in not looking “a hot mess”-most men don’t really pay that much attention.

3. If that dress “makes you look fat”

Most women’s concerns about looking fat are just their own insecurities playing out. As long as a woman dresses in clothes that fit her and are tasteful and appropriate for the occasion, most men are okay with what she is wearing.

4. The details of all the rumors and gossip at your workplace

Many women seem to either create or get involved in some drama that is going on at their  workplace. A lot of times, the drama doesn’t have much to do with their actual job. While your man may care enough about you to listen to all your stories about that b !tch at your office who is trying to sabotage you, if you didn’t bring it up, he probably wouldn’t go out of his way to make you talk about it.

5. Those five pounds you gained over the holidays

If you gain a few extra pounds over the holidays, your man may not even notice. As long as you don’t go from skinny to “thick” over the holidays, your man won’t make a fuss. Even if you do gain some weight, a man who cares about you will be more concerned about your health and wellness than the actual weight gain.



  1. So what this article is saying is that the majority of women out there are feeble minded and get worked up over nothing.

  2. Lol!
    True, true, & true. My “Daddy” – yes that is what I call my man, could care less about all that was mentioned. He made it perfectly clear, he wishes to have me naked & in heels, period! After I spent so much in lingerie! The only thing he’ll notice is if it’s blue, because it’s his favorite color, lol, smh, men! lol.

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