51 Bananas Per Day: How One Woman Lost 40 Pounds


By: Krystle Crossman

Youtube fitness guru known as “Freelee the Banana Girl” has herself on a very strange diet. She is trim, fit, and looks incredibly healthy. She says that her secret is eating 2,000 to 5,000 calories per day. Her diet consists of “mono” meals, which means that her meals consist of one ingredient and that is it. Usually this ingredient is a huge serving of fruit.

A day in the life of Freelee is made up of raw foods until 4pm. She does not eat anything that is cooked, heated, or processed before 4pm. It is all fruits and veggies, raw and in large quantities. An example of the large quantities that she eats are two pineapples in one sitting, five mangoes per sitting, or even 20 bananas at one time. After 4pm hits she will heat something up such as a few pounds of potatoes that are baked in the oven. She still only eats one ingredient normally with her afternoon meal. If she doesn’t feel like heating anything up or cooking anything from scratch she will go back to fruit.

Years ago before adopting this lifestyle Freelee claims to have had anorexia and bulimia. Since she has started her new diet she said that she has dropped 40 pounds, her acne has cleared and she no longer has low thyroid function, bad digestion, or chronic fatigue. She has received many negative comments about her lifestyle and has been told that at 110 pounds she is far too skinny. She doesn’t let that stop her.

Dietitians are warning others that this is not a healthy diet choice and should not be done. Not only is she cutting out certain food groups that should not be cut out, but she is also eating far too many bananas. The potassium that is found in bananas is not good in large quantities as it can cause the kidneys to have to work harder than they are capable of. There are many good benefits of this type of diet such as always eating raw foods instead of having processed junk that you find in restaurants. Care needs to be taken to watch vitamin B12 levels, calcium levels, and protein levels.



  1. This (w) woman is a NUTTTTTT! Too much sugar when they turn brown and Extremely too much potassium! This must be an advertisement for something….Good gracious, I pity the fools that listens to her!

  2. 50 Bananas a day???
    That’s waaaay too much going back and forth to the store (bananas are only good for maybe 2 or 3 days tops) in between dumping out. Talk about a prescription for no life.
    Try the GM diet. It incorporates bananas along with other fruits and veggies. This banana thing sounds nuts as Ms. Mariette says.

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