6 Things You Can Do Rather Than Get Married; The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


Single-LadiesBy Staff Blogger

Many people draw the inaccurate assumption that every woman wants to get married and if she doesn’t, it is because there is something wrong with her. Below are some options that a woman has, rather than getting married:

The Good

Become a nun – Women who dedicate their life to God are almost the same as married women. Instead of a husband, they have a deep and meaningful relationship with God and they keep their commitment to him until the end of their life.

Get to Know Yourself and Love yourself – Many women are so desperate for a man that they spend too much time going from relationship to relationship, hoping the next one will be “the one”. How about spending time getting to know yourself and learning to have a healthy love and respect for yourself? If “Mr. Right” comes along, he will be more likely to stick around if you’re a confident, self respecting woman. In the mean time, enjoy new experiences and learn about yourself and the world around you. Maybe you can even find a way to be of service to your community or to a cause of your choice. Even if you never get married, you will have lived a meaningful life.

The Bad

Shack upIt’s your life and you can do with it what you want -right? Well, consider how a person treats a house that they rent, as opposed to one that they own…Yes, you’re not a house, but you get the point.

Have a babyMany women are not waiting to get married to enjoy the pleasure of being called mommy. Not every unmarried woman had her baby by accident; some women will even go to a sperm bank because they feel they are ready to have a baby. No problem-right? Well, consider that even though you have the baby that you want, you are robbing that baby of their best life, which is growing up in a loving home with two parents who are committed to each other and give the child a healthy and happy home.

The Ugly

Sleep with whoever you want, when ever you want and don’t bother with protection– You only live once-right? Sure; it’s a free country and as long as you and your “friends” are consenting adults, no one can accuse you of breaking the law. We just hope you have good health insurance so you can get treatment for all those $exually transmitted diseases you’re bound to get. Also, we hope you have a big house so you can have a place to leave all your kids while you go to court to pursue all their fathers for child support.

Tell yourself a lie – You can tell yourself that “there are no good men” or that men “can’t handle strong sista” like you or “they are all gay, married or in prison”. There’s many, many more. That’s the fun part of telling yourself a lie; anything you can make up to suite you will work.



  1. So, basically, this article…like the rest of society…is giving all the power to men. Is the man also a “rental” when shacking up?

  2. How about another option. Some women don’t want to get married because they have no interest in it. People kill me thinking there’s something wrong with not wanting to get married or have kids. And that whole “sleep with whomever you want and not use protection” answer must have fallen on their head as a child. That was weak and inaccurate. I thought this article would have some good points but I hope at least that this was a comic piece. Even if it was, I wasn’t laughing (except becoming a nun, that was hilarious).

    • I meant to say whomever thought up “sleeping with whomever they want and not use protection” must have fallen on their head as a child. Pardon me errors, I’m typing from my phone.

    • THANK YOU!!! I so agree with you. This article is truly weak!! Weak, weak and weak! Enough already. And another thing…Not all children growing up in single-parent families experience negative consequences, just as not all overweight people have heart attacks.

  3. This article is by a misogynists in disguise of a support of the liberty of women. Shame on HIM who’s name is ‘Staff Blogger’!

  4. Nobody is giving up any power. And this is not about a man’s world.

    Marriage is sensible and needed. Every black woman needs to be married to a mature brother who is attractive, exciting, and charming.

    The secret behind white America’s success is their ability to team together, work together, and create success together.

    We are not capable of getting together for anything.

    And most every black woman wastes time and opportunities trying to convince herself that she is independent.

    Then, when she finally realizes she needs marriage it is too late. She is too old and she has passed up so many opportunities.

    • If you’re happy single, I say go for it. Do you really believe all married people, white or black, are happy? People have to determine what works for them.

  5. When she finally realizes she needs someone it is often too late because she is so selfish, cynical and uncompromising and judgmental that she turns off many men….I see them out now pretty, accomplish financially, alone..oh by choice but by themselves….and periodically sleeping with other peoples men, married on single under the pretense of I will do as I please mode… and look at wives as being slaves, fools and desuetude and living a life of boredom..Ha!!!!they just don’t know..being in a satisfying is awesome….no money can make that…

  6. Anon u are right. A lot of black women don’t no how to play their position. That’s why we have so many fatherless kids in our community. It’s sad. Every kid from a single parent home is a failure, babymama, babydaddy, jaibird, or a carjacker. The rate of black men in our facilities without fathers is about 2 to 8 out 10. Single motherhood has totally destroyed a generation.

  7. A well written article! I don’t agree with the nun part, because I don’t encourage black women to be nuns (or even Christians for that matter!)

  8. This article is pathetic to say the least and the options listed are ignorant with a twist of sarcasm. None of which i find positive or informative to even mention. One should already know to “love themselves” even if they chose not to enter into a relationship. And to promote promiscuity in this day and age is morally degrading and a charge against a moral standard of living.

    And this is the 2nd time this article has been shown here…making women to believe these are their last options and although the tactic is weak and calculating….i still boldly declare the DEVIL is a liar!!!

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