7 Foods No Nutritionist Would Even Touch


rice cakesBy Staff Blogger

When you need a little help with your diet or meal plan, you may see a nutritionist. They will help to guide you to foods that are good for your body type and for your goals. Here are seven foods however that nutritionists would never eat, and you probably shouldn’t eat them either!

1. Rice cakes – While these low-fat snack cakes can be delicious they have little nutritional value. They may be low-fat and low-calorie, but they are extremely high in sugar. They rate 91 on the glycemic index (100 is pure glucose). This will raise your blood sugar quickly.

2. Fat-free salad dressing – The fat-free version of salad dressing used to be a great combination of vinegar and plant oils. However now they are made with extremely high sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. They also include preservatives.

3. Seitan – This is a common meat substitute for vegetarian dishes. Seitan is not made from soy like most other substitutes. It is made of pure wheat gluten. Gluten is an allergen to many people.

4. Shark – This is not a commonly eaten food, but it’s one that you should stay away from. Despite the fact that it has a great amount of Omega-3, it also contains three times the normal amount of Mercury as other fish such as tuna.

5. Refined and Re-fortified grains – These grains are found in pasta, cereal, and rice. They have been refined so much that the nutritional contents such as fiber and vitamins are gone.

6. Sugar-sweetened beverages – This is no surprise. Sugar beverages such as soda have been on the nutrition blacklist for years. The empty calories can help your waistline grow but that is about it.

7. Grits – Grits are another overly refined carbohydrate. They have no nutritional value and often have no taste, so things like butter and syrup are added.



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  2. GRITS!!!! Grits were on our shelves when we had nothing else to eat. I don’t know what the problem is. Will wonders never cease. Hump, Just try taking away my grits, just try it!!!!!

  3. yep I read the whole article and nothing…til iit said grits! I AM going to to my own research on that one, because its from corn so it must have something good or at least not harmful… anyway, rice cakes is mistaken too, yes, all those flavored ones may be bad but I only eat salt free {not reduced} and plain brown rice cakes or plain white rice cakes, 0 salt, 0 sugar, and no flavor except natural rice and a nice crunch.

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