72 Year Old Yogi Shares Secrets To Staying Youthful


By: Isabella Carson

Janice Lennard is a yoga and Pilates master. She teaches classes as often as she can and also has a collection of instructional DVDs out for sale. One thing that makes Lennard a little bit different than all of the other yoga masters out there is the fact that she has been doing this for 65 years. Janice Lennard is 72 and still going strong. She practices what she loves and she shares that passion with others. This is what keeps her going and what keeps her looking so young and healthy. She has a lengthy dance, yoga, and Pilates history and told Essence that she wants other people to feel the joy of these different exercises.

When teaching a class Lennard has people of all ages joining her. She tells them to make sure that they are not pushing themselves too hard. She feels that too often people try to do what everyone else does because they feel they need to keep up or need to meet certain expectations. Lennard just wants everyone in her class to have fun and get the most out of the class. She stresses the importance of holding out on doing something that you know you cannot so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Lennard told Essence that doing yoga helps her spiritually as well as physically. She feels that when her mind and body are relaxed she can connect with God and is able to get herself into a more spiritual place. It also helps her to cope with aging. She feels focused and relaxed. It takes her mind off of her age and lets her think about other things. She states that she is aging gracefully thanks to her yoga and Pilates and that it is easier to accept your limitations as you age. Lennard is hoping that all of her students come away with the thought that as long as they tried their best and they feel good, that is all that matters. Everyone has a different skill level and sometimes it can be hard to keep up, but if you just do what you are able to do, that is all anyone can ask.