8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Man’s Friend “down there”


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Ladies, you know that your guy has a little “friend” down there, but here are some things that you may not know about it.

1. Research shows that the size of the pen!s when it’s flaccid has no bearing on how big it will get when erect. Those that may look smaller could gain more inches than one that is big when “soft”.

2. Your guy needs to use it or he could lose it! Getting regular erect!ons helps the pen!s to stay in shape. The muscles are exercised any time that a man gets excited.

3. The length of the pen!s is actually longer than it appears. Half of the length is inside of the body.

4. There is all sorts of bacteria that can grow in the skin of the pen!s. That is why it must be kept clean at all times. There are fewer kinds of bacteria found when the man is circumcised.

5. V!brators aren’t just fun for women, they work well on the pen!s too. Some men use medical v!brators if they have had a significant injury such as a spinal cord injury.

6. As a man ages, the sensitivity declines. Starting at age 25 it declines slowly through the years. Most men however do not really notice the loss of sensitivity and it is a rare complaint at the doctor’s office.

7. Most men are uncut. Despite what the numbers may seem to be, only 30% of men over 15 are actually circumcised. Muslim and Jewish males make up almost 70% of that number.

8. When surveyed most men said that the underside of the glans was the most sensitive spot for them.