8 Things Insanely Fit People Have In Common


michelle-obama hula hoopBy: Krystle Crossman

Super fit people are that way because they work at it. Here are eight things that people who are extremely fit do or don’t do.

1. Diet? Not a chance. Michelle Obama has spoken out about health and fitness. She says that living life weighing yourself every day and judging yourself based on what it says is no way to live. It’s not about dieting or how much you weigh, it is about judging your fitness by how you feel and making good choices for your health and fitness.

2. Exercise is fun. Everyone has a different type of workout that is better for them. Some find lifting weights to be fun, others get bored with it so they take up Zumba or yoga. The exercise becomes a type of therapy, not a mundane routine.

3. Ultra fit people do not compare themselves to other people such as Hollywood celebrities. They know that these people have personal trainers and other resources that ordinary people don’t have.

4. A good night’s sleep is key. Jillian Michaels says that a full night of sleep is her secret weapon. Among other things, iIt helps your immune system and your metabolism.

5. Every meal plan needs to include a little wiggle room. You need to cheat every now and then. If you go cold turkey and don’t eat any sweets you will eventually binge on junk food which can derail any healthy meal plan.

6. Fitness is a priority. Everyone is busy, but there is always time to fit in even a little bit of exercise.

7. Breakfast is never a skipped meal. Those who eat breakfast have lower cholesterol, more energy, and are healthier than those who skip it.

8. Having a support system is extremely important. There are days when you just don’t feel like keeping up the lifestyle of being extremely healthy, but your family and friends can be a great support system and help you to stay on track.


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