8 Tricks To Make You Smarter


smart womanEvery day you gain a little more knowledge. Here are 8 situations that help you to become a little smarter!

1. Situations – This could mean being in a classroom and learning something new or being in a social situation. Being in certain situations helps us to think, react, and adapt to that situation which in turn means we have learned a new skill.

2. Belief – When you believe in limitless possibilities, your intelligence and imagination can run wild. But when you believe that there are limited possibilities to anything in life, you are limiting your intelligence too.

3. Expertise – When you have mastered certain skill, it doesn’t mean that you know more about this skill than others, but it means that you think in a different way about it to fine tune that skill into mastery. This can take a long time to develop.

4. Attention – With so many distractions these days such as social media and email, it is hard to stay focused on the task at hand. This is actually making us dumber because as we are switching back and forth between tasks our brain doesn’t get the chance to focus on one thing and can become confused.

5. Emotions – When we are in a better mood we think and act better and are able to come up with solutions to problems easier. When we are in a negative mood our brain shuts down and wants nothing to do with thought processes.

6. Technology – Studies have shown that our brains can extend beyond our bodies when we need them. For example, when using a tool like a rake our brain can send out signals to make it as though the end of the rake is like our fingertips.

7. Our bodies – We are built to learn, but if we don’t take care of our bodies that may not happen as often. Things like diet, sleep, and exercise are all an important part of the day to keep our bodies functioning well which keeps our minds functioning.

8. Relationships – You can learn a lot from another person with a simple conversation. Feeling like you belong to a group can also help you with your problem solving and situational skills.


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