80 Percent Of People Will Develop Seasonal Allergies By Age 20; What Can You Do?


butterflyWhen Spring rolls around, we start to see bright and sun shiny days which lifts our moods. We do however still see a lot of “sniffles” still hanging around; some from colds and flu but also from allergies.

For some people, allergies can really interfere with them enjoying their lives,especially during the spring time when there is a lot of pollen in the air. Some people can not even enjoy a nice picnic in the park because they can not sit on the grass without itching and/or breaking out in hives or a rash.

Below, Dr. Jennifer Caudle tells us a little more about allergies and allergy season:

Caudle said this is the time of year when two allergy triggers, pollen and environmental mold, reappear.

She said about 80 percent of people will develop seasonal allergies by the time they are 20-years-old, but that leaves 20 percent of people to develop them at any other point throughout their lives.

Dr. Caudle recommended keeping windows closed during this nice weather to minimize the amount of pollen in your home. She also said to consider wearing a face mask while doing outside chores like mowing the lawn, and rinsing off in the shower after you come back inside to get any pollen off your body.

To listen to more of what Dr. Caudlehas to share, click here.

Dr. Caudle also suggests that you make sure that you you are taking your medication, as prescribed, so that you can reduce the effects of your allergies.


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