9 Foods That Seem Healthy but are Toxic or Cause Diseases


Canned-TomatoesThere are many foods that we know we should stay away from but sometimes just can’t. Here are nine foods that you should never consume.

1. Canned tomatoes – While the fresh tomato is excellent for your diet due to its Vitamin C and lycopene content, the canned tomatoes are something you should not eat. Canned foods contain BPA, which is very harmful to your health. The acidity in canned tomatoes makes the BPA stick right to them.

2. Deli meat – Deli meats are loaded with sodium and nitrates along with preservatives and dyes. Opt for fresh turkey or chicken breast or go for some tuna in your sandwich instead.

3. Margarine – While this may seem like a better option than butter, it is actually worse. Butter is made from milk fat while margarine is made from vegetable oil. It is loaded with trans fat and increases inflammation in the cells that line your blood vessels. This increases your risk for cancer and heart disease as well as weight gain and high cholesterol.

4. Vegetable oil – As mentioned above, vegetable oil is very high in trans fats. It contains Omega-6 fatty acids which should have a daily dietary ratio of one to one with Omega-3 fatty acids, but with vegetable oil being in so much that we eat, it is fifteen to one in most diets.

5. Microwave popcorn – The liner of the bag of microwavable popcorn has PFOA on it, which sticks to the popcorn kernels. This is a proven toxin and has shown in studies to increase the risk of infertility and liver and testicular cancer.

6. Potatoes – Try to get organic potatoes because they have less pesticides and chemicals on them.

7. Table salt – Switch to sea salt instead. It has more minerals that the body needs.

8. Soy protein isolate – This is soy found in soy milk and most soy “meats”. It has no nutritional value so opt for almond milk instead.

9. Artificial sweeteners – At 200 times sweeter than real sugar, sweeteners will make you crave more sugary foods. Try stevia, honey, or real sugar next time.



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