99 Year Old Sets 100M Record “running from old age”


By: Krystle Crossman

One of the last things that you would expect to see when watching a 100-meter race is a 99 year old woman sprinting along with the pack. That is exactly what makes Ide Keeling so wonderful.

On August 12th Ida made history only runner in her age group (95-99) to finish a race that was internationally certified. She completed the 100-meter sprint in 59.8 seconds. Although she came in last place, her accomplishment means far more. When she was 97 she ran in the USA Track and Field Regional Championships in the 100-meter race and came in at 51.85 seconds.

This New York great-grandmother took up running when she was 67 years old (1982). She was trying to deal with the grief that she was experiencing after she lost two of her sons to a drug-related homicide incident. She said that she was extremely depressed and her daughter took her out on a mini run with her. She said that after the run she felt completely relaxed. Her daughter Shelley stated that she told her mother that she had four children and Shelley only had one mother so she needed to get out there and run with her. She knew that she had to do something as her mother was sinking deeper and deeper into depression.

Ida doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon either. She is determined to break the records again when she turns 100 in May. She is going to continue to keep running for as long as she can. Weighing in at a whopping 83 pounds with a 4 foot 6 inch stature, Ida is a powerhouse. She lives in an apartment in New York and visits the gym twice per week. While there she not only runs but also does yoga. She likes to say that she is “running from old”. During an interview she was asked about longevity and how she is so spry for her age. She stated that you had to make sure you got exercise in every single day and you had to eat foods that were for nutrition, not for taste.



    • More than awesome. How wonderful and why don’t I hear these stories on the national news or just the evening news. She’s an inspiration to everyone who hates exercise. Look how wonderful you’ll look if you do something every day as Ide says. She’s the greatest.

  1. I started walking after the death of my husband It was so refreshing to get out feel the sun and smell fresh air

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