A Black Family In The White House? Funny-Yes; Joke-No


first black famWhile this is obviously a comedy, it’s great to see that having a Black family in the White House is no longer a laughable thought. Just taking a glance at the cast, this show promises a lot of laughs.


Well I guess I am a little late in hearing the news of  a new  sitcom about a Black First Family that is coming to NBC. The television network has ordered 104 episodes of the show, created by comedian Byron Allen.

Though the series is bound to draw inspiration from the real-life Obamas, the comedic cast couldn’t be more different.

The show will be starring Christopher B. Duncan (The Jamie Foxx Show) and Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show) have been cast as the President and his wife. Gladys Knight as the president’s mother, while 227 co-stars Jackee Harry and Marla Gibbs will reunite to portray the First Lady’s sister and mother. John Witherspoon rounds out the cast.

Allen had this to say about the show, “There’s a huge shortfall of quality family sitcoms, and we are 110-percent committed to filling that enormous void. Our number 1 priority is to deliver the highest quality content in the sitcom genre, and this initial 104-episode order is a big step in the right direction.”

 The First Family premiered on Thursday at 9:30, on Jan. 10, NBC.

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  1. Why do we insist on making every thing a matter of race? The title of your article leaves me on the fence about your personality.

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