A Growing Number of Black American Women Are Flocking to This Foreign Country


By Victor Trammell

There is a city located within the Arabian Peninsula that is attracting a growing number of black American women.

In Abu Dhabi, the capital city of The United Arab Emirates, black businesswomen are setting up shop to establish themselves as international entrepreneurs. Maryann Reid, the digital editor of Black Enterprise Magazine wrote an article about this current trend, which was published online Sunday (January 29th).

The fact that American women (black women in particular) are relocating to a predominantly Muslim and Arab country might sound like an oxymoron. That specific part of the world has a bad rap for being oppressive toward women. Also, it’s worth noting that Arabs have definitely enslaved black people during previous parts of history.

However, The United Arab Emirates and its capital city of Abu Dhabi is a more “liberal” place for Westerners to live because of its welcoming of foreign business and its less rigid Islamic fundamentalist societal landscape. Reid touched on this reality in her informative business news article about this subject for BlackEnterprise.com.

“First, toss out any of your preconceptions about Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. This is one of the hottest locations in the world (literally and figuratively), employing a vast variety of professional talent, mostly in education, finance, and healthcare,” she wrote.

Reid also talked about her own experience in one of the Arab world’s fastest growing economic hubs.

“In a nutshell, Abu Dhabi is a starting point for anyone looking for something new, especially me,” Reid also wrote.

“Thanks to the internet, I was introduced to a network of black expats from the Caribbean, U.S., and U.K. These groups welcomed me with open arms, and through LinkedIn, I had ‘coffee dates’ before I stepped off the plane. I found other black women from all walks of life—teachers, pilots, investment bankers, Buddhists, and artists,'” she continued.

Traveling the world to see something different is definitely a great way to free yourself from the oppressive damnation that is so prevalent for black people in the racially divisive society of the United States. Black women who are trying to get a fresh start in a more comforting societal space can certainly gain some positive ground in Abu Dhabi.

Source: http://www.blackenterprise.com/career/black-women-professionals-moving-abu-dhabi/








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