A Guide To Getting Some “Quick-Loving”


By: Krystle Crossman

The average person wants s*x to last 15 minutes or less. Some people like longer sessions, some are okay with quickies. Today we are going to talk about the quickie and how to make it as fantastic as possible with a few simple tips.

1. Change up your location. Doing it on the bed all the time can get boring, especially if you are going for something quick and dirty. Changing where you have s*x can intensify things and make it more arousing. Be spontaneous, do it in the shower, or even on the counter in the kitchen (just make sure you wipe that down after!).

2. Do a little kissing. Studies have shown that a good old make-out session is one of the fastest ways to get your engines revved up and ready to go. It can help you to kick things into gear and also helps you to feel a little more intimate with your partner.

3. When you are being dirty or not, have a little chat while you are in the middle of things. Don’t talk about your day at work or anything, but instead talk about how a certain position feels or what he is doing to you. That will get him charged up and ready to go.

4. Who needs to be [email protected]? Not you. Keep as many clothes on as you possibly can. This can heighten things because you will feel the urgency and that you need each other right then and there and undressing would only waste time.

5. When all else fails get a little Fifty Shades of Grey going on in your head. Fantasizing is a great way to get in the mood and stay in the mood. When you are playing out your own little fantasy in your head it can help to speed things along as well.