A Husband and Father’s Guide To A Happy And Balanced Life


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

They say that you should leave your home life at home and leave work at the office. Unfortunately the two go hand in hand no matter how hard you try to separate them. Having a balance between the two will help you greatly. Here are ways that you can balance your life at home so that when you are at work you can focus on work according to Marlin Steel president, Drew Greenblatt:

1. Coach a team that your child is on. You will be able to see them in a social setting. Check out the kids that they are hanging around with. Watch their mannerisms and see what kind of person they are. It is a great chance to bond with them as well.

2. Have a family dinner every night if possible. This will give you all time to talk about your day, vent any frustrations, and bond together.

3. Make sure that all of the chores in the household are split evenly. When only one person does the majority of the chores they can become stressed and resentful which can stress you out.

4. As soon as you walk through the door at the end of the day make sure that you shut your work cell phone off. You are at home and need to spend time with your family without the interruptions of “pressing” work emails and calls.

5. Read to your children every night. Not only does this help them learn to read and increase their vocabulary but it will help them to bond with you. Most kids look back on their parents reading to them at night as a very fond memory.

6. Go out on a date with your spouse. Once a week try to get out of the house and go have dinner, see a movie, or go dancing. Find a babysitter and leave the kids at home so you can have a chance to relax and reconnect.

7. Turn off the TV during dinner. If you are sitting around the table with your family it is much easier to listen to them while they are speaking without the TV blaring.

8. Bring your kids to school. Use this time to encourage them and to get their day started off on a high note. This will help them to be more confident when they are in school.

9. Go to any after-school and extracurricular activities that they are a part of. You can cheer them on at a big game or take them out for ice cream to console them if they lose.

10. Enjoy the fresh air with your family. After dinner there is nothing better than getting outside and getting some fresh air. After everything is cleaned up take a walk with your family or go out and play basketball.


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