A Little Secret to Lower Stress, Better Sleep, Better Immune System & Feeling Good


happy1By Staff Blogger

It is fun to learn new things, whether it be a new sport, how to play a musical instrument, or learning a new language. Not only is it fun learning new things, but it’s good for your brain too! Playing video games or listening to music is great for your brain too, but learning something new is permanent, instead of a short high for your brain.

Research in recent years suggests that there is a connection between learning something new and a better sense of purpose in life along with lower cortisol levels, better sleep, and better immune system functions. Doing things like listening to music raises your dopamine levels and for a short period can make you happier. Your dopamine levels are raised when you are learning something new as well but for a longer period of time. Once you have mastered the new skill you get a great sense of accomplishment which is also great for confidence and self-esteem.

Video game makers use this information to make games that will keep their players on the edge of their seats. They keep coming up with better skills for the player to learn to keep them interested and entertained. This helps them to raise their dopamine levels as well  get a rush from the challenge that the game is bringing and from figuring out and learning how to accomplish their goals and beating the game. The problem is that the skills that you learn in the video game usually don’t apply to real life.

A Gallop poll that was taken in 2009 showed that 85% of people in the US who don’t play instruments wish that they could. If you want to learn a new skill, why not do it? The thing that stops many people from learning something new is that they think they are too old, don’t have the time, or won’t be able to do it. You are never too old to learn something new, and you don’t know if you can’t do it until you try, so give it a go!


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