A “naughty” Channel for Women Is Coming; Will American Women Watch?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Have you ever noticed how men have a ton of p0rn channels on television but none of these channels really seemed to be geared towards women? Well that may soon change, as soon as the first quarter of 2014. A new channel called Dusk will be able to be added to your current cable package for a subscription fee. The channel is on 24/7 and shows “porna”. The station is based in the Netherlands. It’s two owners are men, but the entire channel is for women.

Most of the movies that are shown on Dusk are directed by women. Who knows how to make p0rn for women more than a woman themselves? After the movies are made a panel of women is shown clips and they decide what goes on the air and what doesn’t based on what they see. The clips that make it through are usually women who are “normal” everyday women. They don’t over-exaggerate the good time that they are having and there is nothing that is too rough or strange. The panel also seems to like clips that have a lot of f0replay.

Since this new channel is made just for women, is this something that you would watch? A large majority of women surveyed said that they would watch and it was about time that someone made a channel that was just for women. Men’s channel overdramatize everything and make s*x unrealistic. Unfortunately that also gives them unrealistic expectations about what a real woman is supposed to be like in bed. It will be interesting to see how the channel works out and how many women subscribe. It’s about time that women are thought of too!



  1. There are enough black women on tv acting like xhores, I’ll pass. Why some of insist on slutting ourselves out to the media like white women I’ll never know.

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