A Remote Control Birth Control That Lasts 16 Years Is Coming


Birth Control Pill Container
By: Krystle Crossman

Birth control can be a pain to remember. You need to make sure that you take the pill every single day or you could end up being pregnant. You need to remember to change the ring every three weeks or else you could end up being pregnant. You need to remember to get your shots on time or else you could end up being pregnant. What if there was a birth control method that was like an IUD where you wouldn’t have to remember a thing that would last for up to 16 years?

The Gates Foundation has started a new project that would develop a pill for women that would automatically release the birth control hormones in to the body for up to 16 years. One of the most interesting things about this device is that it can be controlled by a remote control. Should a doctor need to change the dosage or stop it completely all they have to do is click a button on a remote and it will control the pill and the hormones that are released from it.

The researchers are hoping to begin clinical trials on this new form of birth control in 2015. They hope that if the trials go well they will be able to release the product for sale to the public by 2018. This timeline depends on many different factors however. Some are worried that this new device could bring about a whole new type of hacking that could be very dangerous to the woman’s healthy. Computers are hacked into every day. It would be easy for someone to hack into a device that runs on a wireless signal. It may seem like a far-fetched concern because it doesn’t seem like hacking into someone’s birth control would be a very high priority to expert hackers, but if the right person wanted to cause harm to the woman with the device, it could be dangerous.

There are also concerns that the dosage in the device could be messed up because of a faulty remote. If too many hormones are released into the system it could cause serious illnesses such as blood clots.



  1. All I can say to this is #GuineaPigWomen

    Black and Brown women will be the initial target and will be completely sold on its’ “benefits” without thinking for themselves…
    They will be sterilized…”Oops, sorry”…, will be the reply…here’s $10…

    Don’t go for this…anyone…a million & one problems and you will be just 1.

  2. Diana Martin on

    Oh hell no! Now what other medication psychotrophics will they be messing with. They are more than likely doing it already.

  3. This doesn’t sound good. Do you want your body to be controlled by a remote? Another form of genocide. Young women of color especially, needs to wake up and educate themselves about the CHIP. This is all about CONTROL.

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