Actress in “adult” Movies Takes HIV Test on Camera To Raise Awarness


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Adult film star Sarah Mirabelli, aka Pinky X-X-X is trying to quell rumors about her being HIV positive and is trying to spread awareness about AIDS/HIV at the same time. Rumor had it that she contracted HIV from unprotected s*x from one of her adult movies. The rumor started in 2011 and has now resurfaced in 2013. Mirabelli has decided to get rid of this rumor once and for all.

Family and friends of Mirabelli were being harassed about her HIV status and they finally begged her to get tested and share the results with the public so that the rumors would stop and they would be left alone. Mirabelli went to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation center to get tested on camera. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation was originally founded to be a place where those diagnosed with the illness could go to die peacefully. It was founded in the 80s when HIV and AIDS were still relatively unknown. It was originally called the AIDS Hospice Foundation.

Mirabelli had her blood taken on tape and answer questions about her history. She stated that one month prior she had taken a test. A rapid response test was taken with a drop of blood from the fingertip. While she was waiting for the results she spoke with the clinic representative about some scary statistics. One in five people that have AIDS/HIV don’t know that they actually have it. Every nine and a half minutes someone is infected with AIDS/HIV through unprotected s*x or other contact.

Many people think that AIDS and HIV are the same thing, but there is a difference. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Some people who have HIV do not always have AIDS. Mirabelli tells of how the test was pretty much painless and how testing is free so there is no reason that you can’t get it. The results came back negative as she knew that they would. She hopes that the video that she made will help to stop rumors about her and spread a little more awareness about the two diseases.


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