Actress Maia Campbell Off Drugs, New Job, is Now a Healthy Black Woman



Maia Campbell is the actress best known for her role as Tiffany on the 1990s television show, “In the House.”  The show starred LL Cool J and was popular for a couple of years.   But when the lights go out and the paychecks stop coming in, that’s when our demons hit the door.

Maia struggled through an ugly drug addiction after the show ended, and found herself humiliated by some embarrassing pictures on the Internet.  She made an appearance with Iyanla Vanzant, where she discussed her addiction to Crystal Meth and how she was used by men to feed her addiction.

Over time, Maia says that she was able to get off drugs and regain the trust of a family she’d disappointed.  She also had to work on becoming a better mom to her 11-year old daughter.

The 36-year old Campbell got her first Hollywood start on the film “Poetic Justice,” starring Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson.

Recreational drug use is not recommended under any circumstances, but Crystal Meth has been found to be exceptionally dangerous.  The drug is used because it can create euphoria, increased libido and alertness in those who use it.  It also increases self-esteem, self-confidence and sociability.

But the drug is highly addictive, and can lead to hallucinations, hair pulling, obsessive behavior, and other horrible symptoms.   Using the drug for a long period of time can cause agitation, restlessness and permanent brain damage.

Getting away from the drug can be a lifetime problem.




  1. Ingrid Fowler-Wrather on

    So glad she was able to exercise that demon. I pray for her strength and continued success.

  2. Valarie Cutthecrap Clark on

    Not only was she on drugs, but she was also going through mental health issues…her mother wrote about it in a book before she passed. I hope and pray for her successful recovery…she is such a beautiful and talented Black woman.

  3. Yeah, I'd say the article was written by a 4th grader for a "report" on "Why Drugs Are Not Good"! ;') But anyway, her skin is gorgeous…. usually CM literally destroys your complexion. Something about her features looks different…. but glad to see she's back on the road to recovery (I remember that TV show because I LOVED Lorenz Tate!).

  4. Beautiful???

    Scrub all of that foundation & lipstick off, remove those eyelashes and take out the weave and you have the real Maia Campbell. See mugshot.

    • I just saw her mugshot and yes she did not look glamorous, but it was a mugshot. And yes she may wear weave, but her hair is still a fine texture, but it was also pushed all the way back, so you could not see it. Make up does not make ugly people look better, she isn’t ugly. It’s easy to talk about someone when they are down. I think people like talking about celebrities because they have things they we do not, so finding something wrong makes them feel better.

    • Gwendolyn T. Singh on


      Your a low life! People like you are so frighten that Black people will get it togeother and pass you. But I’m here to tell you to fasten you seat belt because its coming. This time it won’t be as easy as killing our leaders…because there are to many of them

    • Kay Jackson on

      As the old adage goes, “if you can’t say something nice or positive, it’s best to be quiet”. Stop Hate’n heffa!

  5. I'm so glad for her. This article however leaves something to be desired. Why is there no mention that her drug use was as a result of her suffering from mental-illness or what her new job is.

  6. Happy that she has finally overcome her drug addiction, and hopefully her mental health issues are being helped as well:) God bless this beautiful and talented black woman!

  7. Sleap Dukester on

    I kan't believe some of you people are choosing to kritcize the editing of this story rather than process the positive okkurence that was manifested in this story. SMH, That's all that really matters.

  8. God bless you in all your endeavors. I'm so happy you were able to get off of drugs because that's a very difficult thing to do. I will continue to pray for you because unfortunately once your an addict or alcoholic your always one, and please don't take that to offense but its true.

  9. Thank the Lord for his deliverance and more importantly, Ms. Campbell making up her mind and having the will to get through this part of her journey. I wish you peace, love and joy!! Continued blessings, Pastor Purvis.

  10. Peter D. Slaughter on

    Overall,glad this strong sister made it back and I hope she leaves and avoid all that phony twisted hollyweird crap.
    It would have been nice if she could have helped Whitney Houston still be on this earth now.

  11. These articles are often weak. However, I did not think about mental illness as much as the death of her mom. Now that you mention it, her mom BeBe Campbell did write as one of her last offerings a book about mental illness of her (Maia's sister) daughter

  12. Why should it matter as long as you understand what was written. Some of the worst writers are usually gifted in science and math. How would you feel if someone said a negative comment about uour ability to understand calculus or physics.

  13. MostRoyal Queen on

    I am Soooooo glad to hear she is doing well. I was one of the few Not laughing when those videos of her came out. Good
    Job Maia

  14. Simply amazing how such a pretty girl went down that path. For me, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for willingly becoming a BASEHEAD. The statement that she also had mental issues doesn't excuse it either.

    • Pretty has nothing to do with anything and I highly doubt that she willingly got hooked on drugs. I think giving her the benefit of doubt will be nice. it’s like you hold as grudge because she’s pretty.

  15. Asia Lamb Cole on

    Yes she was. She played his little cousin. Pay close attention to the movie when you watch it again. She had like 2 small scenes. When 2Pac went to Oakland, his Aunt told her to make sure the food doesn't burn when they were in the kitchen after the cousin died.

  16. Forbiddenflavor Joey Flavor on

    Carolyn Smith-Holmes I totally agree with you ~ like you said if you can read it why is it a problem !!! really

  17. Forbiddenflavor Joey Flavor on

    I am so happy for her ~But were the fuck was Debbie Allen or LL Cool J to help her~~ Well maybe they will help her now ~ I am just sicken from these fuck up celebrity that watch people fall or just don't care to reach out and help….But motherfuckers are so quick to point the finger just like with Poor MICHAEL JACKSON my God it broke my heart when Joe Micheal's father went to his home and they refuse to let him see his son ~ and the next time he seem Michael he was dead.I hope them people who did that go to HELL and BURN forever.

  18. May God continue to Bless you. I myself have been down that sad lonely road. Please don’t look back it time to move forward. May BLESSINGS pour over you life. As me you are BLESS!!!!

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