Actually, You CAN Drink a Little During Pregnancy


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We are always told that drinking anything while pregnant can seriously harm unborn babies and give them birth defects. This however has been found not to be true. New research shows that two drinks per week are okay and have not had any negative effects on children up to age 7. There is also a paper that is being written from the National Bureau of Economic Research that is trying to show that drinking wine while you are pregnant can actually help kids academically as they get older.

Do these studies mean that you should go out and have a drink while you are pregnant? Probably not. An investigator at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research named Christine Metz, PhD says that no matter what these studies say there are still no studies that show any type of alcohol is good for the fetus and there are no government laws saying that there are certain alcohols that are better than others for pregnant women. She says that you should read these studies but take them very lightly especially if you don’t know the research methods that lead to their conclusions.

Both of the studies that were mentioned above were conducted by asking groups of women questions about how much they drank while they were pregnant. The problem with this method is that they can lie or can fail to remember how much they actually had. They may even overestimate or underestimate how much they have actually had to drink. All of these discrepancies can really cause problems and skewed results in studies like these. Even the researchers that conducted the studies said that they still would not touch alcohol while pregnant.



  1. This is such a European concept. Why are we even debating it? Alcohol is a dangerous “drug”. How bout we just not subjugate our fetuses to it.

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