After Going Viral For Racy School Pics, #TeacherBae Has Been Booked to Host AL Nightclub Party


By Victor Trammell

The viral sensation known as #TeacherBae has gotten a more appropriate gig to suit the $exy persona she flaunted in order to break the internet.

Patrice Brown (pictured left and right) is the Atlanta-based, elementary school paraprofessional who barraged the national headlines last month. Brown caused quite a stir over what many called racy, online pictures of her that were taken at the school where she worked.

Her tight-fitting clothes and curvaceous figure had everyone talking about whether or not a woman who works around children should be dressed in such provocative attire. However, Brown was reprimanded by Atlanta Public Schools without dealing with any serious consequences, according to local news media reports.

It appeared as if Brown’s 15 minutes of internet fame had fizzled out. But apparently, she’s not through yet. It appears that #TeacherBae has found another more suiting grind to keep her here to stay.

A Transition to the Nightlife


According to a Thursday (October 20th) report by The Grio, Patrice “Teacher Bae” Brown (aka Tricey) has been booked to host a popular nightclub party series in Birmingham, Alabama called “Magic City Classic Week.” Brown will appear at Club SKKY on Wednesday, October 28th.

Impact Promotions is the entertainment managing company, which will be producing this event. Advance tickets are being sold for only $10.00 and the event begins at 10 p.m.

“Come out to see me Wednesday, Oct 26th at Club SKKY to kick off the Magic City Classic week in the right fashion. Thanks to @impactpromobham for bringing me out. Can’t wait to see you there,” tweeted #TeacherBae. Hosting events at nightclubs can be a high-paying gig if you have the right amount of popularity.

#TeacherBae has made a move into a market, which patronizes nightlife entrepreneurship. Now she doesn’t have to worry about the scrutiny she faced as an early childhood educator over her looks and figure. The SKKY is definitely the limit now that #TeacherBae has found a new, more fitting way to professionally monetize her $exually-charged image.










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