After Seeing This You May Never Drink Soda Again


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Soda is a staple drink in many households. You can find it at almost every restaurant that you go to. There are many flavor varieties. However there is also a mountain of sugar in each bottle or aspartame if you choose to drink diet soda. Have you ever stopped to think about what you are putting into your body when you guzzle down that glass of cola?

The Youtube sensation Crazy Russian Hacker has posted a video that may make you think twice about what you are drinking with your meals.

Here’s the video:

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He takes a pot, places it on the stove, and places some cola in the pot. He turns on the heat and little by little the water from the soda evaporates as the soda boils. What is left is a black, sticky, slimy mess. It looks like tar sitting in the bottom of the pot.

When you boil straight sugar water, it does the same thing. It turns into a syrupy caramel. If you compare the two there is really no difference other than the color. There is so much sugar in soda that it can turn into a caramel when you boil it. There are 65 grams of sugar in every 20 ounce bottle of Coca Cola and 69 grams of sugar in a bottle of Pepsi. The American Heart Association states that there are 180,000 deaths per year that could be linked to drinking soda and the sugars that are in them.

Now if you are thinking that you can just switch to diet soda and you will cut out all of the sugar, you are getting into sweeteners. These artificial sweeteners, specifically aspartame, are thought to cause cancer along with other diseases.



  1. I rarely drink soda; have never really liked the taste of any fizzy drink. However, I have watched my wife lose bone mass, and she recently lost all her teeth because all she would drink was mt. doodoo. She’s not even 40!

  2. Herb, (I’m not pushing soda) did your wife brush and floss? Did she see a dentist regularly? Did she eat health? Drink copious amounts of water?

    • Her hygiene wasn’t a problem; her diet definitely. She did not start eating healthy ’til we met. I do most of the food prep and cooking. Like I’m sure you have heard, trains don’t stop on a dime. The damage was done and couldn’t be reversed.

      • Sophia Williams on

        You did most the cooking? Well eating healthy means you eat raw fruits and vegetables and less cooked or processed foods. If you start now… and she is not even 40 yet… you can still save her by switching her diet to an all natural diet. It works for me.

  3. Miki Wheres on

    Wasn’t there a woman who died a few years back whose death was linked to drinking soda or energy drinks? Its so sad when just drinking water will quench your thirst.

  4. The only drink that God made for us was Water,and we don’t drink enough.
    A good friend who is a doctor told me that soda drinking contributes,your gall bladder going bad ,that it should last for a life time but many are having them out early because of the soda overdose.
    He said it also can help cause kidney and liver dysfunction.
    Many have taken it as the only drink of choice.

  5. People people have to take these “articles” with a grain of salt. Where are the long term study reports from human use or a summary of scientific findings? It comes down to a matter of education from reading the labels and knowing whats best for your individual diets. Of course if you are drinking 2-3 2L bottles of Coke a week you are going to have undesirable side effects. Quite simply there has to be balance.

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