Aging and Your Diet: Changes You Can Control


gray-hair-black-womanAs women age their bodies change. Some women are afraid of gaining weight, losing height, and losing hair. There is good news however. There are diet changes that you must make after the age of forty, but these diet changes can mean significant improvements for your health.

1. Cutting down on the amount of salt and processed carbohydrates can help with bloating which is often a complaint of menopausal women. Eat whole grains with fruits and veggies.

2. Increasing exercise will help you to lose weight as you grow older. Losing weight can help ease the symptoms of menopause such as cramps, bloating, and irritability. Losing weight can also reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

3. Begin taking a calcium supplement. As you age your calcium levels drop and the risk of osteoporosis increases significantly. Estrogen helps your bones to absorb calcium, so as the hormone levels decrease with menopause, so does your bone density.

4. Try to eat healthy fat-filled fish such as trout and salmon at least 2 times per week to help fight heart disease. If you don’t like eating fish, try fish oil supplements.

5. Reduce your alcohol intake or water down your wine with seltzer. Alcohol increases your risk of heart disease. It can also bring on hot flashes because it dilates the blood vessels.

6. Soy contains estrogen which is something your body lacks as you enter menopause. Be cautious of how much estrogen you have but soy is not off the table.

7. Change your hot morning beverage to a cool one as hot beverages induce hot flashes.

8. Eat a balanced diet with low calories and plenty of fruits and veggies. This will help to maintain your weight.


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