Aging: Women Considered “Old” 5 Years Earlier, Men Considered “S*xier”


gray-hair-black-womanBy Staff Blogger

Every year we have a birthday. Every year we get older. Some people take it well and age gracefully. Others take their age to heart. They tend to freak out about how old they are and do ridiculous things to prove their youth. A new study is showing that women have a harder time dealing with aging than men.

Out of 2,000 Americans that were polled in the study, 90% said that they felt women were under more pressure about looking younger than men as they grow older. It also showed that men are considered sexier when they age, and are considered “older” five years later than women are.

Women tend to dye their hair more as they get older. This is mainly to get rid of the gray hair. Having gray hair if you are a woman is considered a sign of aging. Men look more distinguished when their hair turns silver. Men also tend to be considered at the peak of their physical appearance at the age of 34 as opposed to women who peak at 30.

Not only does aging affect self-confidence, but it affects confidence in the workplace as well. Women from age 50-59 said they felt like they needed to look much younger in order to keep their jobs. They are afraid that entry level college grads will come in and steal their jobs.

On the flip side, over 60% of men and women felt that they looked younger than their peers. Almost 70% of African-American women said that they do not feel worried or threatened by aging at all. This is the highest of any of the other races.

Five percent of the people that were studied in the poll said that they had plastic surgery in order to look younger. Sadly this is a reality for many people these days. Aging gracefully is all about taking care of yourself and reducing stress!



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