Aging: Worst Signs & How To Fix Them


moisturizerBy Staff Blogger

As time goes on, your body may use little physical signs to show your real age, no matter what you tell people. Never fear, here are some ways to fix these imperfections to make you look younger.

1. Hands – As you age you lose collagen in your hands which makes veins and sun damage stick out more. Put sunscreen on your hands every day.

2. “Turkey neck” – A sagging neck can make you look older than you are. Apply a moisturizer with collagen daily. A dermatologist can use a laser treatment to help improve the skin texture.

3. Sagging chest – Gravity takes hold of your chest as you get older. Get a professional fitting for a bra. Tighten the shoulder straps to get better support.

4. Thinning hair – Losing your hair can be a woman’s worst nightmare. Esuchen Hair Care is recommended if you pull more than six strands out when you run your hand through a section of hair.

5. Achy feet – Buy comfortable shoes. If you must wear heels, use a cushion in the sole. Make sure that you have good arch support.

6. Thinning brows and lashes – Years of plucking can cause sparse brows as well as hormones. Use a small angled brush to fill in bald spots.

7. Wrinkly knees and elbows – As you age the skin on your joints become more and more dry. Moisturize daily and exfoliate.

8. Facial wrinkles and lines – Loss of collagen is to blame here. To prevent these lines, include antioxidants, retinoids, and sunscreen in your daily routine.

9. Tooth yellowing – Brush and floss twice a day. Use whitening gel as opposed to the strips.


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