Airline in Hot Water After Kicking [email protected] Mom Off Plane


By: Krystle Crossman

Virgin Australia Airlines has their morals questioned after kicking a [email protected] mother off of a flight and calling the police on her. The plane was being taxied down the runway and Australia native Virginie Rutgers put a nursing cover on and began to feed her 10-month old son. Before she knew it she had the cabin supervisor telling her that she needed to stop. She claims that she was not given an explanation as to why she was being yelled at and so she continued to feed her child. Eventually the plane was turned around and she was removed.

When she exited the plane terminal she was met by the local and the federal police. They questioned her but then let her go without any charges while her plane took off without her. She was offered a flight credit from Virgin Airlines but she chose to fly with Qantas instead. Virgin Airlines issued a statement saying that she was asked to stop feeding her child because the “fasten seatbelt” sign was still lit. Due to federal and airline regulations the baby needed to be strapped into his seat for safety. They also said that they welcome mothers who are feeding their child, especially when it comes to the ascent and descent of the plane as it can relieve pressure in the ears. However when the seatbelt light is on they must be safely strapped in. Rutgers continues to feel that she was discriminated against and has gained a lot of support from Twitter followers.

In 2013, American Airlines was under fire after a mother who was feeding her child without a cover was faced with a very unprofessional flight attendant. He threw a blanket at her and told her to cover up. She was then moved back a few rows with the explanation that there were children on board and they didn’t want anyone to be offended as she was feeding her child. An apology was later issued to the mother stating that while they did have a policy that mothers should use a cover the matter was not handled well in the least.


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