“All Men Are Bad” and Other Lessons Women Need to Re-think


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

As women we grow up hearing that men only want one thing from us. As we get older we realize that this is just something that is told to us to keep us from dating too soon. Then after we start dating we realize how many bad apples there are out there. Not all men are bad. Here are some words of advice for women out there:

1. Not every man is bad. There are some truly nice guys out there, but unfortunately you will have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the prince. Don’t automatically assume every man is a bad apple.

2. You can create your own fairytale. Your life is your story. You can choose what the next chapter is going to be and how the story ends. All of the roles are cast by you and you even get to be the princess.

3. Get out and see the world. Don’t let life pass you by without traveling to somewhere new and exciting. Meet new people, mix it up. Live your life as you wish with no regrets. You will be able to look back on those experiences and know that you lived a full life.

4. Be thankful for everything you have. There are many who have a lot less.

5. Be fearless. If you live your life in fear you will never be able to live the live you truly want to. If you have a fear of flying, make sure your next vacation is a short plane trip away and then work on it slowly. As President Roosevelt once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

6. Love your friends. They will make your life full and happy. They are your support and your escape.

7. Be able to laugh at yourself. Don’t take life so seriously and you will find that you have far more fun. Even if you do something really embarrassing, laugh it off and move on.

8. Take a cue from your mother and your grandmother. They know what they are talking about sometimes and may have some great advice for you.

9. Love your body. You only have one so love it.

10. Keep your finances in check. If you don’t have control over your money you will end up with more stress than you should have. Plan carefully and spend wisely.



  1. Great Article Crystal / Great Title, you really know how to get the “POT BOILING”…LMBO!!! and yes this title will draw flies….Too Funny! / WOW!
    Crystal you need to STOP!!!! But at the same time “I LOVE IT” because sometimes “TROUBLE IS GOOD”…

  2. My mother never told me that all men were bad-men, she actually ever spoke anything negative about men at all especially black-men. I grew-up and was raised with my father in the home, his only words to me and my sister were: LEARN FROM ME & YOUR MOTHER, then he went to his tool-box and got a screw & a bolt, put them together, then told me and my sister to never let a black-man do this to you until you were married, then it was back to his [email protected] religious bible teaching ways..
    I walked threw the school of hard knocks because I wasn’t taught, but thank God I had a God watching over me. I raised 2 daughters and I’ll be [email protected] if I didn’t read them the [email protected] riot-act & the wake-up call… I never told them a stupid story about a doggon CABBAGE PATCH or the [email protected] BIRDS and the BEES, neither did I tell them that all men were bad, long story-short one daughter kissed some bad apples, and the other daughter only kissed 2, but they are both very very smart cookies because they don’t fit the BABY-MAMA profile, and they are not “HOE HOPPERS”… and they live numbers 2 thru 10 very very well. I am very very very proud of my daughters..

  3. TODAY if I had grand-daughters I would tell them not to kiss any frogs because many frogs have diseases of all kinds and these days you just can’t tell by looking at the frog that he’s a GOOD-FROG, and 6 months to a year these days is no-longer good enough, so run from them all (RUN FOR YOUR LIFE) and live by numbers 2 thru 10 until you have worn them out, and maybe just maybe on the end of that journey traveling around the world and living it up you just might meet MR. RIGHT…

    PS: Disease’s to Redbone are not only STD’s and etc, but it also includes negative Co-dependent behaviors too.

  4. The majority of men are ROTTEN TO THE CORE. This is not something said so my daughter won’t date early, etc., this is ABSOLUTE TRUTH!!! On the other hand, there are a lot of no good women also so I guess it kinda evens itself out.

  5. The women who complain that there are no good men are the ones that keep getting hemmed up with “no good” men, or men aint checking for them. Women who know how to choose ain’t complaining that men aint no good, because we have good men. If women keep picking losers, that might be a problem they might want to look into.

    • @Devon.
      That statement is not all true for every black-women, many black-women learn from watching and listening to other black-women walk thru loads of drama by black-men… remember your man is not American even though he is a man of color, there is a difference when it comes to culture vrs an “Americanize Black-Man”, America period is on a down spiral….

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