Amazing: 18 Year Old Shreveport Woman Gives Birth To Rare Triplets


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Auset Champion and Derrick Harris from Arcadia, Louisiana welcomed an extremely rare set of identical triplet boys into their lives on January 13th. Having naturally conceived identical triplets is so rare that there isn’t really much data on them and it is at least a 1 in 1 million shot that this can occur. The boys were born at the Willis Knighton-South & the Center for Women’s Health which is located in Shreveport, LA.

Champion worked as hard as she could to get the babies as fully grown as possible. Multiple-birth pregnancies are always high risk and that risk grows with every baby that the woman is carrying. They had to be delivered by caesarian section. Many twins and triplets do not make it to full term because they run out of room. Champion managed to make a great home for them right up until a few weeks from her due date. Each of the babies came in under four pounds but this is normal for multiple-births.

The mother and all three of the babies are doing well. Champion also has a 22 month old son. She was going to be studying criminal justice in college and plans on continuing her education but is now thinking of moving to a degree in counseling once she is back on her feet.

Her family is no stranger to multiple-births as her grandfather was a twin and her cousins were twins. She said that when she told everyone that she was having triplets it came as quite a shock to everyone. She has support from her mother and her grandmother. The babies definitely will have no shortage of love from the family.



  1. Samanthia Spears on

    Congratulations To Auscet And Derrick Harris on the birth of your babies god bless and much love to you and yours.Raise those angels with happiness and peace.

  2. Now happy that the babies are ok. However why does she have 4 babies at 22 years old? She first need some birth control. I suggest having her tubes tied. She has enough kids for the government/us to take care of and send her to school

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