Amazing: 75 Year Old Great Grand Mother is Weightlifting Champion


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Winifred Pristell is an inspiration to older people everywhere. The 75 year old great-grandmother is the reigning World Association of Benchers and Dead Lifters champion. She wants to spread the word that just because you are older does not mean that your body has to age with you. She also currently holds the record in her age group for the National, World and the State single bench press lift.

A Louisiana native, Pristell was a very athletic person in her younger years. She eventually fell out of athletics and found herself obese. Her daughter encouraged her to get back into her athleticism when she was 48 years old. It wasn’t until she turned 60 that she really got serious. She started entering weight lifting competitions. Meeting her idol and mentor Jim Schall was something that helped her to get back on the track to athletics.

Schall was a former coach and teacher who held the record in his age division and weight class for over 10 years in dead lifting. He helped Pristell and with that help she ended up winning the state championship for dead lifting at the 10th Annual Alki Beach Bench Press and Dead Lifting Competition. It was the first competition that she had entered. Just one short month later she broke the world record for her weight class and age division.

One of the most amazing things about Pristell is that she has arthritis and before she started working out again was almost immobile. She says that any senior that wants to get away from a walker or wheelchair should exercise and eat the right foods. This is the key to a healthier body.



  1. You are indeed an inspiration to people of all ages. I agree, we must stay active. We must eat healthy. It also help to have a good relationship with God.. I am 72 and is in great physical condition. I try to Glorify God in everything I do.Thank uou for sharing. God bless you/

  2. HELP,HELP, well I am inspired . I exercise frequently , and do have arthristis of both kind. I am stuck on 173lbs, but do not appear obese, but do need to still lose weight, and it is very difficult to lose weight . I do not get to the gym each every day, because I have a sleeping disorder and some nights I do get to sleep until 3am or later which means I am not able to get to the gym.
    well, I will keep trying. Oh by the way I am 70 years young, but I do not worry about age as long as I can get up each day, dress, take care of my self.Thank God.

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