Amazing and Bizarre Facts About Your Man’s Body


download (2)By: Krystle Crossman

Men say that women are a mystery and we are hard to read. On the other hand, men are a tad mysterious as well. Here are 12 little known facts about the male body.

1. The average pen!s length is 5.57 inches. A study done by the Journal of $exual Medicine surveyed 1,661 men to get this average number.

2. Oral $ex can actually help to make “it” larger. The same is not true if they indulge in a little self-play.

3. A man’s nipples are every bit as sensitive as a woman’s, they just try not to show it.

4. The prostate is not only an organ, but is a male g-spot as well. There are many different tips and tricks out there to stimulate this spot to give him the most pleasure possible.

5. A man’s beard has between 7,000 and 15,000 hair follicles which is why they can get so rough!

6. There is feeling in the foreskin. The CDC says up to 44% of men are not circumcised. Use this to your (and his) advantage.

7. There are certain $exual positions for him that are far better and there are some that are just better for women. Explore and experiment with your man to find out what works bet for both of you.

8. Men have thicker skin than women. On average their skin is 0.2mm thicker than a woman’s which doesn’t sound like a lot but for skin it is.

9. The average [email protected] for a male last a whopping six seconds. For females it’s 23 seconds.

10. There are different types of pen!ses. One is the grower, one is the shower. Research shows that 79% have growers.

11. His brain is perkier than yours while he is watching porn.

12. Testicles hang low to keep the sperm healthy. If the sperm overheats there is less of a chance of reproduction.



  1. This is pathetic. Are you "Healthy Black Woman" or "little girl who's so scared to talk about sex that she has to use euphemisms & giggles when talking about sex". Want to know why men & women have so many challenges understanding each other? It's, in part, because of pablum like this. If you call yourself a mature adult and claim to be sharing "facts", then you need to speak frankly. Kill this stupid editing bullshit.

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