Amazing: Why Black Women Are Putting Vag!nal Cream in Their Hair


monistat on hairBy: Krystle Crossman

There is a new hair trend that is gaining popularity and it is a little unconventional. Women are often losing hair and it becomes a cause for concern when growing older. So what exactly are women putting in their hair to help with hair loss? Monistat. Yes, you read that right. They are using a [email protected] infection cream to stimulate hair growth on the scalp. Definitely unconventional isn’t it?

Monistat, also known as Miconazole Nitrate, is a cream that is used to treat fungal [email protected] infections. It is an anti-fungal so it can also be used on oral thrush in babies, ringworm, athlete’s foot, angular chelitis, and jock itch. It is most commonly used to treat yeast infections and [email protected] itchiness or burning associated with the infections.

So how is it that someone decided that they were going to put this antifungal cream that is meant for infections on their scalp to help with hair loss? How is it even possible that this is a working treatment? A dermatologist from Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Mohsin Mir, weighed in with a theory. Miconazole Nitrate can, in theory, reduce the number of “hair loss” receptors in the scalp and stimulate growth. Other than those with sensitive skin, it is a safe treatment.

Women use many different things to help stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss such as iron and zinc supplements, adding more protein to their diet, and even saw palmetto supplements. Sometimes it can be hard to find a natural remedy that works and many do not want to spend the money on a medicinal treatment or treatment such as Rogaine.

Would you be willing to try Monistat?



  1. Hey, they did not say it “didn’t” work. It’s a lot cheaper than that expensive stuff out there that you have to buy constantly. I’d give it a shot. I’d like to know more, though

  2. My husband is going to rush to the drug store as soon as I tell him this. His 75 year old dad has a full head of hair, but he’s been balding since his 20’s. 🙂

      • Why so rude? Maybe the person who asked the question is a white woman and is need of something to help stimulate her hair growth as well. I didn’t see where it said this was for Black women only. I swear some of us get torn out of our faces over simple stuff.

  3. My Mom’s been dealing with thinning, around her temples especially, for years. She used to have gorgeous, healthy, full & thick hair. I’m a cosmetologist, and I personally think that the years of chemicals-relaxers/color, etc- have done a job on her follicles as well as the cuticles & shafts. I’m gonna email this to my Mom, she MIGHT try it. Does anyone know what the recommended usage/”dosage” & application process? I’d like to share this with my colleagues in the industry. #GOODSTUFF !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

    • Don’t you think it would be better to have this product tested first to see if it would cause serious side effects before you reccomend it for your mom you never know what effect it could have on the brain age along with menapause brings about the thinning of hair and other hormonial problems just saying

  4. I guess if it does not destroy the moss between your legs, it won’t hurt the moss on your head. I am not balding yet but if I were, I would wait and see if there are any side effects. I don’t know if it was used on Black hair or not, you know we cannot use everything in our hair that White women use.

    • The cheap version at the dollar store will give you the same results, all you need is the active ingredients that are in Monistat.

  5. I am currently using this in my hair.. I have thick hair that is fairly long but I am trying to see how long my hair will grow. If you try it make sure you mix it with a hair creme of some type.. It gives headaches.. not bad ones but thats is about of it.. I was scared at first but so far after a week of trying it I am used to it now. So I guess hit me up if u wanna follow my progress.

  6. I would not put a product that is use to fight a vaginal infection in my hair some people become so desperate they will try anything for a cure not thinking what damage they could be doing to some other part of the body how do they know it want effect the cells and tissue in the brain.SMH

    • It’s a producted with active ingredients used to fight FUNGAL infections and this particular product is MARKETED for vaginal use; key word marketed. The thing here is the concentration of the active ingredient(s) and due to the fact that this is an OTC product the concentration of the active ingredient(s) isn’t that high.

      With that said before you continue to spread pessimistic views on things perhaps you should conduct a little more research as to just how many products are MARKETED for one thing but can be used for various other reasons. Just an example is contraceptive or birth control which is used for way more than prevention of pregnancy.

      In addition, to that…have you ever paid attention to the fact that athlete’s foot cream also says you can use it for jock itch, ringworms etc. AND ringworm can effect someones scalp because it’s a dematophyte fungi which is a skin fungi.

      So before spouting off with the unknowns the proper thing would be to say consult a medical professional if you or anyone have doubts. And don’t be fooled, just because you don’t apply something to you scalp doesn’t mean that the chemical/ingredient cannot enter the blood stream and reach someones brain through the circulatory system. In fact, if you study FDA information you would be astounded at the amount of things that are socially acceptable and deemed “safe.” One would truly have to go rogue in a way and live off of their own organic land, chemical free to avoid things such as that and that in itself is highly unlikely.

  7. Nothing beats a failure but a try. Excuse the typo. Ms. Crossman, please do a follow up on this blog because you may have some interesting stories in about 2 to 3 month’s!?!?!? First time for everything! 🙂 × 🙂 = 😛 ~♥~.

  8. Well, I tried it on color treated hair and it dried my hair out. My hair came out using M7. Don’t know if I mixed too much in the hair grease or what? Only because of not knowing the right amount to add into the grease. I’m told by other’s that it work…..

  9. Some of these comments are just over the top! You will put perms and relaxers and all kinds of chemicals in your hair, but you wouldn’t put something in your hair that is meant to fight a vaginal infection (or ringworm or other infections) … people use beer and mayonnaise on their hair and have tremendous results, but based on some of these comments, you wouldn’t possibly consider using those things either because they are edible. Everything that works for some people won’t work for others.

    And FYI: since the beginning of time, products have been successfully used for things other than what it is marketed for.

  10. I am laughing at Pam’s comment…who needs brains if you have hair. Don’t knock it until you try it. However, since each person’s body reacts differently what works for one may not work for another. If I got a headache that would make me stop immediately. I don’t need a full head of hair that bad that I will “get used” ton having a headache. That is a sign that the body is not liking the product on the scalp or near the brain cells.

  11. This makes lots of sense to me. If we put lye on our heads y not try this.there’s nothing like a balding women.

  12. I wouldn’t try this at all, I’m pretty sure there are side effects and it’s probably different for everyone. We have bacteria on our scalp but how is an anti-fungal supposed to fix that……it doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe I’m missing something. Typically, antibiotics are what helps with bacteria, not anti-fungal. For anyone looking to help with hair growth I would try Hairfinity products. Check them out on facebook or their website.

    • Because people can has a fungus on their scalp as well. Bacteria is everywhere as well as fungi. With that said dematphytes fungi infections which cause fungal skin infections with the noral pre-fix of tinea causes problem listed above like ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, etc. Understand just because something is “marketed” as a vaginal cream doesn’t mean it could not work for other areas as well because it’s about the active ingredients unless it explicitedly says otherwise.

  13. I dont work for monistat. In fact I only use GENERIC knock off brands of Miconizole Nitrate from several different brands and different stores. Never used actual name brand


  15. Do a search for this on youtube and you will find many black and white women who have tried this and it appears to generate 2 inches of growth per month. I went out and bought some after watching the videos on YouTube about 6 months ago, but I have not used it consistently enough to validate its effectiveness.

  16. I used it for my eczema it works instantly. As stated it is safe enough to put in a babys mouth for thrash obvelously putting it ib your hair would be ok.

    • I will have to keep that in mind when it comes to my eczema because a lot of the traditional treatments with topical steriod (corticoid) creams just don’t work for me.

  17. Some of these comments are hilarious! So it’s more safe to use slack lime to break the peptide bonds of your hair (PERMING), than to use an anti fungal cream found to be safe enough for female reproductive organs… O_o… Get your hormone levels checked first. If that’s in order in you feel that it may be a fungal infection, and you aren’t comfortable with the cream, garlic is a natural anti fungal. First, STOP PERMING! You cannot combat hair loss if you are destroying it with harsh chemicals. Also, those fungal issues are many times caused by the warm moist environment created underneath weaves and wigs. Use natural oils to stimulate hair growth, and cleans your hair and scalp at regular intervals (which can be less often as long as your hair can breath). Take time and care with your hair and it will return and be beautiful (after you’ve figured out the cause).

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