Amazing: Woman, Husband and Her Lover All Live Together as “one big happy family”


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are some strange relationships that people get themselves into that are considered taboo to society, but to them it’s perfectly normal. One of those kinds of relationships is a married couple living together…with one of the partner’s lovers. A 33 year old mother of two shares her story about loving two men under one roof.

Maria Butzki married a man named Paul. She loved him, had two children with him, and then left him. She fell in love with a man named Peter. While she was in the relationship with Peter she began to miss her ex-husband and didn’t realize how hard this would be. She loved Peter very much and couldn’t imagine her life without him but she missed her ex-husband so much at the same time. What’s a girl to do?

The two men became friends. An unlikely pair to be sure. Maria saw a solution on the horizon. She decided that she would move Peter into the home with her husband as well. The three of them living under one roof. The best of both of her worlds right there in her home. That was her perfect situation. Her daughters are 16 and 12 and also live in the home with the three lovers. They are one giant, happy family.

Paul says that at first he was heartbroken but then realized what a great guy Peter was and saw how much they had in common. Peter says that there is no jealousy and it doesn’t feel like they are sharing her at all. Maria does not share a bed with either of the men. They have s*xual relationships however each relationship is kept private, away from the other man. The trio says that while this relationship seems strange to others, it is the perfect setup for them.



  1. As strange as this sounds, there’s an elderly man that lives on my block that has his wife and children mother and even his kids from both women staying in the same house. They sit on the front porch together with no problems.

  2. “Na” I don’t think i could do it it’s not for me mabe other people i wasn’t raised that way, two men in the same house even without a love intrest is trouble……

  3. I think this is in appropriate to have on your website.It not healthy for the mind nor the body. It’s ungodly and adulteress and you should be a shamed of yourself. You just lost me as a visitor to read anything you write.

  4. If their HAPPY” and HEALTHY’ I’ll call it all LOVE. Keep writing your true stories. Most of us enjoy real matters of the heart.

  5. Has it occurred to anyone that the two men might be gay and are having an equally enjoyable and private relationship with each other while wifey is performing her other womanly duties such as cleaning the house, cooking their meals and washing their clothes. Two Downlow brothers couldn’t have a better situation to not complain about.

  6. Why amazing? Headline should be amazingly selfish and sick. What kind of example are they setting for a twelve year old?

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