American Retailer Causes Outrage With Its New Ad Campaign


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Folks on the internet have not taken too kindly to Calvin Klein’s latest underwear ad campaign featuring one of their newest models, Myla Dalbesio. She was a little nervous for the campaign to come out because she is the largest model that they have ever featured in their ads and she is only a size 10. She said that it was a little intimidating being featured next to the normal size 0 models because she is curvier than they are. When the ad came out the internet had a meltdown.

Even though Calvin Klein themselves has never stated that she is considered a plus-sized model, other companies such as Harper’s Bazaar have. She says that it can sometimes be intimidating because she isn’t as thin as the other girls and it’s harder for size 10 models to find work in fashion. Is she really plus-sized though? Unfortunately in the world of fashion and modeling, yes, she is considered to be almost a plus-sized model. Generally size 12 is considered to be plus-sized but now that she is calling herself that, it could start spreading so that 10 becomes the new 12. People on the internet were outraged that this is not considered to be a normal size. They took to Twitter and Facebook to express their displeasure over the latest campaign. One girl stated that she was 5’7” and was a size 10 but now feels that she is alienated because she would be considered “plus-size” and would not be buying anything from the Calvin Klein line anymore.

Some people however thought that Klein’s ad was a statement that size 10 models were not plus-sized and applauded the company for showing a woman who had more of an average body type. They said that it was great that Klein was showing that women of a normal body type could look good in their line as well as size 0’s. These people were the minority however.

Recently a Victoria’s Secret ad drew the same criticism when they featured a campaign called the “Perfect Body” campaign where there was a line of women, all who looked size 2 or less, in their underwear. People were outraged that these women were being touted as “perfect”. It can be a blow to a young girl’s self-esteem when she sees these kinds of images and thinks that she isn’t perfect just the way she is.



  1. Women are their own worse enemy. Don’t you know, we men, love you, not because of your sizes but because of who you are. …ease up on yourselves and stop buying into the corporations idea of what a woman is supposed to look like. ….

  2. WOW!! as usual all this anger is misplaced in my opinion..Our country is ADJUSTING to obesity..many times a size 10 today is actually a 14 or 16 in the old days before obesity was normal!!!!..WAKE UP PLEASE!!!!…type 2 Diabetes Heart Disease where for women many times the first sign of heart disease is DEATH!!!!..WE ARE BEING PLAYED!!!!!!..Energy Up Whooooo.Voltage

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