America’s Dirty Little Secret: Wives Who Are $ex-Starved


By: Krystle Crossman

When it comes to couples that aren’t having s*x because one of them has a low s*x drive, people almost always think the woman is the one who doesn’t want it. The fact is that men have low libidos too it just isn’t spoken about as often because they feel less “masculine” if they don’t feel like being intimate with their partners.

A very popular women’s magazine conducted a survey. It showed that 60% of women said that they wanted to have s*x just as much and sometimes more than their spouses. Most of the men that have a lower libido than their wives do not want to talk about it. They do not want to go to see a therapist or a doctor as they feel embarrassed. They certainly do not talk to their friends about it. How many guys do you think go around bragging to their friends that they turned their wife down last night? Not many, that is for sure!

Another study showed that in a marriage where the woman is the one with a low libido the number of times that couples have s*x is higher than those where the man is the one with the low libido. This is because when the woman is rejected by her husband often times she gives up right away and that is the end of it. Often times men will continue to try and turn their partner on. Many men reject s*x at night for some of the same reasons that women do such as stress, emotional disconnect, or they are simply too tired. It is not because they don’t find their wives attractive anymore or because they are cheating which is most likely where their wife’s mind is going.




    Men are falling in LOVE with each other.Men can’t handle women. They need your young child to have sex with because they fail in life to be a man. The men want the build that a DOG has. Dog’s are built to have sex in their behinds, and men are always trying everything new under the sun. Since the creator didn’t make another man for him to stick his penis into, he chose a DOG or why not stick another man. Most of the behavior came from Hell or the place like Hell Jail. In order to make this okay they have to stick they fingers in babies diaper and turn the male child into doing the same when he grows up. They want mens sexuall act to be called normal for those that are not born GAY. On the down low is another sneaky attempt to do like all the animals except for one thing, if they want to make a baby they need to find a young girl. The know how to manipulate them better.

    • Ok first off I don’t agree fully with your statement because I am gay myself and I am happy just because a guy wants to be with another guy instead if a woman doesn’t make him less of a man because I’m all man an I’m 100% gay an love is love no matter what the gender an I wouldn’t fuck a dog if my life depended on it. That’s nasty an its all about equality this day in age you really Need to rethink your statement an what happens inside a jail has nothing to do with us gay on the outside respect is owed just like you want it so do we that’s all I’m saying an DL guys are just gays that are confused about who they are an also their are alot of woman that love taking it up the ass just like a man does its nothing wrong with spicing up your sex life

  2. Blkfoot: u saying a lot, but I think I understand what you’re TRYING to say…kinda.

    Anyway, every black man ain’t gayyy, but its a large # of gayyy black men out here!!! It’s baffling!

    I thought the article was about black women. LoL

  3. Stop say that Bull S*** 90% Black Man are “Not Gay”
    other Gay Men aways trying to make Look like Every men is Gay that a Lie!!
    Now Not having sexy with your wife is just time when we are stress out form all the Bull shit we deal with that day our mind need to be clear to deal with that fine ass righteously:)

  4. RR Williamson on

    Men and women have misconceptions about love and how it works.This is the reason things change. In nature the male is attracted to the female when she is estrus or ovulating. They can smell her. That is why the comparison of a Dog is insulting to dogs.Female dogs have a vagina,which is what the male dog goes for.Humans have lost such ability to sense a womans availability, so how does she let him know? Dressing up, putting on makeup, a sexy dress and perfume.Social events, clubs etc …become the new mating ground and they go on the hunt in groups of 2,3,or more. We have a responsibility to one another which we don’t continue after we marry or consumate.How you get something is how you have to keep it. If a man flashes money and spends a lot , then she will expect him to continue to do so,,,should they divorce, the courts agree that she should be “kept in the manner that she was taught to be accustomed to by his spending habits,so he must continue to pay high amounts.In the same reasoning ,when a woman snags her man… she thinks ,i got him now and he has to love me no matter what, ut how did you get him..the little black dress,the perfume, the beautiful hair, the nails ie…the package you put together to snare him ,you don keep him in the manner that you made him accustomed to..It slips off to become someone less glamorous. Its a double edged sword. We have a responsibility to excite our partners.Women…you know what to do if you want a man…and you know exactly how to get him…Men know what your lady likes and it aint you in your boxers scratching your nuts with a beer in your hand watching the game.Do what you did to attract each other….kids , life….adulthood makes it hard…but you owe it to each other to be what you told the other you were….sometimes. Every man wants to see his woman beautiful….every woman want to see her man looking the way she met him. That ” you gotta love me no matter what” is tired and lazy. When you met , you would have moved heaven and earth for that person.Why not now? Desire would not wain if you did.Humans are visual.We react to what we see. So ask yourself, what are you showing.Men will shy away from the ugly you,face cream and frumpy clothes.Women don’t like dirty socks and a smelly man. We know how to fix this, you know what to do. It depends “how” you love someone, not how much you love.
    Give her flowers man, she will always love that…tell him he is your hero sister , he needs that from you.

  5. This is an article about wives being deprived of sex because their husbands are suffering from low libido(a decreased interest in sex) or erectile dysfunction(the inability to achieve or maintain an erection)
    and men being reluctant to seek help because they feel embarrassed. it is not about pedophilia or homosexuality or infidelity
    there can be many causes for this they include but are not limited to an underlying health condition such as diabetes high blood pressure or some other undiagnosed condition ,some medications or simply stress
    If your man(and you) are going through this it can be very discouraging it can be a blow to your self esteem and his
    communicate !!encourage one another do some research but man bashing will not get it up
    a hard man is good to find but a good man is even harder to find.

  6. Yeah Hidaya, she on one. The gay thing is growing though, so it’s relevant. But the piece is talkin about hetero dudes not into it as much as one would project. I, for one, have fallen off slightly due to work stress and long hours. By the time you throw in having to exercise, get the proper food prepared or buying out, then working entrepreneurial projects forward to supplement declining income cycles, I’m like i know it’ll be bomb, but I need to just get some rest and get my sexual nutrition one or two days a week, instead of what use to be more. It’s a lot of factors. Not lack of willingness or opportunity, but who wants to go at it if you cant show up all the way on point. Kills the whole goal. That’s just on the real. Work wit me now honey (lol!)

  7. cliff sanders on

    Not all the time is the man at fault when it comes to sex or lack thereof. To be honest, there is a culture that encourages and accentuates a woman’s strength while frowning upon humility by calling it weakness.

    So what do men end up with, a confrontative woman who is more willing to control a man than compromise with the man. Consequently, whatever is wrong, it is his fault! If he decides to talk, here comes the silent treatment and the stoppage of sex. I wonder when it will stop?

  8. This article is very real. Men not only have decreased libido’s, they are also having increased impotence at younger ages…on the other hand the woman has always had a strong sex drive that went unattended thereby causing the “Not tonight…I have a headache…I’m tired…etcetcetc” Men’s sex drive is governed by his health. So if a man is sick, on medications, and now eating any foods in the USA that are not organic then he can look to have his sex drive diminished if not gone. Thus is increased use of the Blue Pill (Viagra) by those in their late 20’s and beyond.
    There is an answer…If you give the body what it needs, requires to function properly which is total nutrition it will work. Moringa is everything the body needs, and requires to get and sustain total health. Now satisfying the female is a whole other story and Naura Hayden has several good books to help there for men and women. Check out the website if you want to experience Moringa… and Happy ChiChi! (in the Hausa language)

  9. william drummond on

    Baby girl, you’re just a little bit too upset for there not to be some kind of underlying cause. Whatever you’ve been through I.m sorry it happened, but that does not make all men homo’s.

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