Angry Viewers Call to Boycott Netflix Over Release of “Dear White People”


By: Krystle Crossman

It seems like every day there is something new that people are calling to boycott because they have been offended by it. This week Netflix is the target. Users have taken to social media to post their outrage against the media streaming giant for creating a satire series called Dear White People. The show is based on a film that came out in 2014 that showed the racial inequalities on a campus of a fake Ivy League school. The show and film were made for comedic purposes only but some people seem to think that it is being taken too far.

People all over Facebook and Twitter are showing their displeasure at the thought of the 10-episode series that is scheduled to premiere on April 28th. They have been using the hashtag #BoycottNetflix. They have been posting screenshots of their cancellation requests for their accounts. They have been calling the show “racist” and one user even said that the show promoted white genocide. What they don’t seem to realize is the fact that the show is completely satirical and is meant to push the limits. Instead of taking the time to actually read anything about the show they are flying off the handle at the trailer which they have deemed to be inappropriate.

Even through all of the negative reactions, creator Justin Simien is standing by the show that he has made. He says that people who have more privileges than others feel threatened by equality because it feels like they are having something taken away. Simien states that he is trying to bring to light some of the struggles that people face every day and that if people are going to view it as racism and “white genocide” that is on them. He says that it is easier for people to immediately judge something and be negative about it then to actually listen and discuss what they have seen.

This unfortunately is a common problem today where people make snap judgments by something. They proclaim that they are offended and boycott or protest without actually taking the time to look at the deeper meaning, especially when they are dealing with the issue of race. The lead actress in the series, Logan Browning, responded to those with a negative outlook stating that critics have already given positive reviews and many of them were white. She stated this is not an “anti any-race” show.



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