Another Reason to Pop Open That Bottle of Wine


download (4)By: Krystle Crossman

When you are driving home from work with your music as loud as it can go, or when you are at a rock concert you don’t think about the hearing loss that is occurring with every decibel. Here is something that you will love to hear. Resveratrol, which is found in red wine, can actually reduce your noise-related hearing loss by 50%.

A study was conducted on animals to test this claim. The rats that were part of this experiment were given either a placebo or resveratrol in various amounts (4300 micrograms, 430 micrograms, and 43 micrograms). They were then subjected to 24 hours of noise. After the 24 hours, the rats that had the placebo and the 43 micrograms of Resveratrol were about the same. The other two groups that had higher doses however had a significant reduction in the amount of hearing loss that they experienced.

Basically, the way it works is that Resveratrol will reduce the bioinflammation and free radicals. It also helps to create a protective barrier against noise. Unfortunately in order to see results and reduced hearing loss, you would have to drink a lot of wine. At that point you would end up very drunk or very sick from the amount of wine that you have put in your body. A glass or two of red wine however will afford you a small amount of protection. Either way, you should still pick up some ear plugs before you go anywhere really noisy such as a concert.

Even if you aren’t that concerned with your hearing, Resveratrol benefits you in other ways such as keeping your heart pumping and also reduces the bioinflammation in your body that causes Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, and cancer.


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