[email protected] Underwear: Can It Really Prevent a Woman From Being Violated?


By: Krystle Crossman

Every two seconds a s*xual assault occurs in the US. This equals over 237,000 per year. Over the last few years companies have begun making “[email protected]” clothing. These undergarments supposedly help to stop an attack before it happens. There are different pieces of clothing that include leggings, running shorts, and panties.

The company that puts out these garments is called AR Wear which is based in Nyack, NY. They have a video that explains how the clothes are used and exactly what they can do to prevent [email protected] The panties that they make can only be taken off by the person who is wearing them. There are also locks on the waistband and the thigh. They cannot be cut and cannot be ripped apart either. The company boasts that you can walk around in confidence with these garments on.

While the intention of the clothing line is good, it may not really be that effective. Victims of [email protected] are usually assaulted at the hands of someone that they know. This means that they probably would not be wearing these things around that person. If they are going out to a club to meet someone, they most likely would not be wearing these either if they are expecting to go home with someone that night. How effective can this type of clothing be if the only time you can actually wear it is when you are walking on the street alone in the dark?

AR Wear has put up a campaign on Indiegogo to try and raise the $50,000 to start this line of clothing for women. They also say that they will donate clothing to shelters for women who may not be able to afford them. It is a good idea, but most likely will never go anywhere because it is not about what the victim wears. If someone is out to assault another person, they will find a way. The best protection is to take a self-defense course and always be safe while walking on the street.



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  3. watermelonpunch on

    Very good points.
    They can try to sell it as “s3xy”, but no young lady is going to want to have some enormous panty rig like that on when she’s with someone she does want to be intimate with… Chances are, if a woman thought she needed it with the guy, she wouldn’t be with that guy in the first place.
    And the kind of rapist that would assault a stranger alone walking down the street, wouldn’t be using his knife to try to cut through underwear, he’d be threatening to cut the victim if she didn’t do _fill-in-the-blank_ which could be just as harmful & damaging as the straight up version of the crime.

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