Are Bravo ‘Newlyweds’ Toi and Rouvaun “old school”? She Says Her Man “wears the pants”


By: Krystle Crossman

With women’s equality making strides over the last few years it is no wonder that the landscape of marriage has changed. More and more women are the breadwinners in the family and “wear the pants” so to speak. They take care of the bills and the heavy lifting for the household. This is a role that was traditionally done by men only but the roles have changed and even reversed in some households. Rouvaun Walker and Toi Troutman-Walker of Bravo’s reality series Newlyweds: The First Year are sticking with the more traditional roles of marriage and have been catching some flak for it.

The pair met online in 1996 through an online dating site on AOL. They lost touch but then 15 years later found each other on Facebook. They ended up rekindling their romance and eventually got married. Both were admittedly nervous to have their lives splayed out for everyone to see. Toi was nervous about having her mother see what was going on in her life because she knew how critical she was going to be about it. Rouvaun was worried about co-workers and former co-workers. He was afraid that they were going to get a little more insight to his private life than they needed. But they signed up for the show anyway and have been filming.

One thing that people have been noticing and criticizing about the marriage is that Toi has taken on the role of a submissive wife and lives with more traditional marriage roles. She proudly states that Rouvaun wears the pants in the relationship. She states that she is a modern woman but is still proud to cook and clean for her man and serve him whenever he needs something. Many people feel that this is a detriment to women’s rights because nowadays people do not feel that women should be serving their husbands and it should be equal between the two parties. If Toi is happy with the arrangement that they have, does it matter? They have stated that the relationship has hit some bumps because they have had their lives on camera but they have come out of it stronger. They feel that their relationship was able to grow and become a more stable relationship because of the challenges that living life on television presented.



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  2. Reality TV shows ruin lives. The attention is bad for relationships.
    As for the ,”he wears the pants,” statement I support an equal partnership. I didn’t marry a maid.

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